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Monday, March 31, 2014

Fox News "Cooks" A HealthCare Chart And GOP Talking-Heads Flourish Like Weeds

Look closely at how Fox New manipulates its viewers,  Fox New specialists, technicians, developers and managers know that visual charts are developed to show relationships to facilitate comparison and to deliver meaning/information.  Visual Graphics are also not a true tool if the chart has no real opportunity to  provide a relational review.  The chart above is the prefect misleading example.
 IT HAS NO X and Y AXIS indicators.

Now look at how graphic relationships count and render the Fox News manipulation feeble, useless outright ignorant, and ultimately disrespectful to its views. We took an Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate image of the chart and added "axis" perspective. Perspective is seriously telling as we consider the level of deceit.

(Excuse "hypothetical" misspell ;-)

On the final day of the ACA legislative enrollment date deadline, the GOP is busy with lies, mis-statements, and bubbling-over with talking machine elected officials running "game" like a used car salesman's (wearing a bow-tie) attempting sell you a car with no front windshield.

UPDATE: Fox comes clean. But think of the viewers who will not see the correction. What a farce is Fox News?

After viewing how the Right-Wing Communications Department (AKA. Fox News) is reporting on March 31 legislative deadline, how a about sitting for a couple of very relevant video segments from, MSNBC's Jansing & Co. It is unfortunate the segments include GOP members of Congress who are spewing unadulterated bologna regarding the ACA. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyoming actually stooped below the level of animal manure via asserting the Administration is "cooking the books." His remark even drew a very noticeable eye roll and smirk for the generally conservative Chuck Todd. But, first , I must expose you to the GOP's number one motor-mouth, Rep. Marahs Blackburn (R) TN. 

I have posted the segments as embeds without edit. The full scope of GOP resistance to the ACA should show with full disclosure. It is a true shame a US senator has actually suggested the Obama Admministration has a fabrication team in the deep gallows of the White House.

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