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Sunday, March 2, 2014

George Will Speaks To Bigotry Against The LGBT From His New Fox News Platform

Image via Media Matters

If you need any additional reasons for George Will taking his bigotry and racism to Fox News, the Raw Story has captured it all.

Will exemplifies life in America that some call "white privilege." He cannot accept LGBT people as human beings, just as Western Hemisphere capitalist gave no quarter to consideration of Africans as human beings (as human chattel became an industry). He reminds of the anti-human rights initiatives from Andrew Johnson immediately upon the death of Abe Lincoln. Existentially, Will comes across as southern (Democratic) segregationist. The "Democratic segregationist" in there to ward-off the silly and shallow argument about how the Republicans saved the day for US Slaves and the Democrats fought for segregation.
The GOP is not the party of Abe Lincoln and the Democrats are damned well not the party of 1950/60s southern governors and legislators.

George Will should accept criticism as that of a major US bigot "Par Excellence" and Will, on the other and, should be commended for fulfilling his newly anointed role on the network for the racist and bigoted Right. 

The Raw Story.....

George Will: It’s ‘not neighborly’ for LGBT people to ask for equal rights (via Raw Story )
Fox News contributor George Will on Sunday said that LGBT people deserved equal treatment from businesses, but they were “not neighborly” and “not nice” for fighting for those rights. During a panel discussion on Fox News Sunday, host Chris…

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