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Monday, March 10, 2014

GOP Saber Rattling! And to What Avail?

Victorious warriors win first and then go to war,while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.
If  US voters were interested in a war hawkish Administration after eight years of Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, we would have elected John McCain (and you know who). We would literally have been finished with World War III and recovering  from the aftermath. If there would be an aftermath.

If  US voters were interested in economic policy as a carbon copy of the Bush economic policies we would have elected McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan. (Did I actually use the words "carbon copy?" With the GOP anything from technology Jurassic ERAs is `a propos).

If US voters truly believe the nation should immerse in military conflict with each and every international conflict, we would elect Republicans without regard for any competing political party.

If US voters (or the majority of the pubic) were fickle with inclinations towards maintaining America as the policing force across the globe without regard for how such actions impact our economy and our nation's psyche, the nation would elect Republicans without fail and only Republicans.

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Ultimately, if the majority of the US public appreciated and considered GOP jingoism and machismo a national paradigm, we could save billions, by simply modifying the US Constitution to a one party system with industrialist deciding when they would vacate and pass the Oval Office on to the next plutocrat.  

Now that Vladimir Putin has moved into Ukraine, the usual GOP suspects are up and about railing for everything shy of a nuclear response, yet they offer nothing more than political noise and fodder for all three cable new networks. Of course, Sunday morning news show are awash with either Republicans with the weeks talking points "weak president," or, with John Kerry who literally made the supreme blunder by mentioning nations that charge into other nations while unprovoked.  As soon as the words left his mouth I anticipated the retort: IRAQ!

Before I move to the reason for this post, let's view a few very short snippets of the GOP in its full glory.  

Watch this;  Rachel Maddow(1:05 minutes)

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Now check this out; Al Sharpton(1:04 Minutes)
(Skip to 6:25 - 7:29 Minute marks)
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A bit more from the Right;
Chris Matthews Hardball

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Now for the curtain call: Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin said current events in Russia and Ukraine have confirmed everything she’s been saying all along. The former half-term governor of Alaska and failed 2008 vice presidential candidate continued bragging Monday night on “The Sean Hannity…

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