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Friday, March 21, 2014

GOP Women "Stockholm Syndrome" (A Sad Reality)

President Obama recently spoke at Valencia College near Orlando Florida. His message to the receptive audience centered on economic opportunity and income inequality with specific references to his proposals to increase the minimum wage.

A couple key stats standout as we consider Obama's message. Women occupy the majority of the lowest paying jobs in the US. Forty plus million women work in minimum wage jobs. I suspect some of that forty plus million are being paid minimum state wages which are higher than the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. Nonetheless, they are receiving minimum wage pay, this validating the 40 million number. While increasing ever so slowly we continue to find women in the highest level positions in America at levels well below 10 percent.

  1. Women CEOs of the Fortune 1000. List. This is a list of women who currently hold CEO positions at companies that rank on the 2013 Fortune 1000 lists. Women currently hold 4.6 percent of Fortune 500 CEO positions and 4.6 percent of Fortune 1000 CEO positions.
If women occupy such a low percentage levels of the highest paying jobs in corporate America, is it possible to avoid the prospect of discrimination against women in job across the job category spectrum and in pay? Job category spectrum:

Standard Occupational Classifications 

Sales Workers, 
Clerical Workers, 
Craft Workers, 
Service Workers

We have already stated women occupy inordinately high number of jobs towards the lower job categories. 

I will again ask, "Why should your mother, daughter, aunt, and grandmother, significant other have to languish in lower paying jobs while you earn moderately more for the same work or in similar job?" President Obama and the Democrat Party finds major problems with pay equity.  

Obama at Valencia College 

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President Obama Speaks on Expanding Economic Opportunity

After watching and listening to President Obama and considering the unavoidable reality the GOP doesn't have issues with the pay gap, we think it important to visit a growing phenomenon. GOP women who speak on issues from a realm that seems common to a form of "GOP Stockholm Syndrome."  Women who for whatever reason seem to have accepted or acquiesced to the dominate male positioning in ideology, professional growth and pay.  In more colloquial terms, some GOP and Libertarian women seem to have accepted a subservient position in life, despite representing 53% of US population.  We offer a few graphic representations that clearly support our point and may add veracity to the often leveled colloquial label of "GOP War On Women." 

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Now for a set of quick-view graphics to illustrate the lack of diversity across the GOP and party geographic voter support.  From the following tow graphics we move to a set 538 Dot Com tables.


Five Thirty Eight Dot Com


The tables show without equivocation the GOP is dominated by men. There is another glaring demographic related to those GOP men, but for this piece that demographic is not relevant.

One more graphic before moving to the titled theme of this piece: endemic and systemic  Stockholm Syndrome effect among GOP women and extrapolation to some Libertarian women. Look closely below at "women" chart lines. Notice Asian women and the disparity between Asian women and Asian men. 

The Society Pages - Sociological Images

Now a look at recent comments that can be described only as complete political acquiescence, playing the game for acceptance, or the more serious "Stockholm Syndrome" mindset. We suspect more of a syndrome paradigm. We moved past consideration of "stupidity" because each of these women have negotiated level of responsibility and visibility not common among their political and gender peers.

Three overwhelmingly sad and unbelievable reality checks.

State Rep. Andrea Kieffer (R) MN.

photo courtesy of

“We heard several bills last week about women’s issues and I kept thinking to myself, these bills are putting us backwards in time,” State Rep. Andrea Kieffer (R) told colleagues at a Wednesday hearing on one of the measures. “We are losing the respect that we so dearly want in the workplace by bringing up all these special bills for women and almost making us look like whiners.”

From patronizing and belittling women and allies of women’s equality measures who express outrage, to acting like their struggles are either invented or minuscule, GOP representatives like State Rep. Andrea Kieffer do nothing but push the US farther behind the rest of the world in terms of gender equality and constructive workplace changes and standards.
Ellen Bravo, expert on Women’s issues in the workplace, director of Family Values @ Work and author of “Taking on the Big Boys.”, stated in the NY Times concerning workplace issues concerning women, that “Women, and disproportionately women of color, are the majority of the more than 40 million Americans who don’t earn a single paid sick day. That includes women who’ve been beaten or raped and can’t even get time to seek shelter or go to court, much less heal from their injuries. Fully half of all mothers of newborns in the United States don’t receive any income during their “maternity leave.” According to Census numbers, a quarter have to return to work within eight weeks of giving birth; more than half a million, in four weeks or less. We need a new set of minimum standards — like those in nearly every other country — that includes earned sick time and affordable family leave. We also need men to share in caregiving — and they’re more likely to do so if they’re not punished for it in the workplace.
According to the Huffington Post, Minnesota House Majority Leader Erin Murphy (D) responded to Kieffer’s comments about women looking like “whiners” in an email to HuffPost. “In Minnesota, women earn 80 cents on the dollar to their male counterparts,” she said. “That is not whining. That is a reality that we should not accept.”

Video/audio link (no actual video)

Read more linked via the AATTP  link above

If you want even more telling examples of the GOP Stockholm Syndrome we offer these two widely publicized video links. These two GOP officials so sad and deeply indoctrinated, DEMS cannot use these video as negative advertisement material.

Texas GOP PAC Official

Texas Republican Party Executive Director

Isn't it amazing how these politicos and party officials are so well indoctrinated against the reality, men do discriminate

While a bit off the mark regarding pay. We close after another irrefutable example of the extent to which Republican women care nothing about issues to improved the lives of American women.

Mother Jones and Violence Against Women and the GOP women congressional votes.


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