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Monday, March 3, 2014

Income Inequity: A Warning Of Things To Come!

photo: Occupy* Posters
If anyone seriously thinks raising the minimum wage and extracting additional revenues via taxing the wealthy are ridiculous liberal policy, you should pay close attention.

Since the late 1970s and through its early stages feed copiously by Reaganomics (Trickle-down, supply-side economics), income disparity has gone virtually unreported. Let' face facts, the US Media now owned by six mega conglomerates, media will not expose and report on the gift to its owners and top executives. The GOP damned well would never have opened the topic for scrutiny and probing. Thus, were it not for probing progressives, a President who cares, and Internet media, you would suffer from blissful ignorance about the scope of disparity. 

Since our artificial economic heaven burst with the Bush Great Recession (December 2007, denied by Bush until December 2008 after the 2008 General Election), the following charts figures have stop points in 2007. Each figure is a well known exhibition that should be at the forefront of all progressive political advertisements.

Mother Jones
For those who are a bit laisezz-faire about graphics, this one clearly delineates the telling data.

This chart was updated to include 2010. It looks as if the uber wealthy took the Great Recession "Hit", but recuperated and has launched itself on another upward trend,  on the strength of their "trickle-down" economy.
USNews Dot Com
US citizens should make no mistake. Regardless of you politics, your social paradigm (shy of bigoted or racist hatred) what you are about to see is inexcusable.  

Rob-servations Dot Com is running a very basic, in-your-face reality check.  We are going to post a few Robsevations and link the page for your viewing.

Income Inequality, Series 1 (from Feb. 19)
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