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Friday, March 14, 2014

Joe Stewart And Fox New's Eric Bolling

Image via Wn.Dot Com

Fox News in their individual millionaire hosts splendor draws attention from a millionaire who cares and sees the light: Jon Stewart, Comedy Central's, The Daily Show. You might say well Stewart is a comedic entertainer. I will retort, for you to think about what you just thought or said and think about fox News. I would add just a bit to your second thought.

Fox News is not only comedic entertainment, it is socially dangerous comedic entertainment for people who harbor social views that should have changed as the nation moved through the decades (and centuries). I offer a metaphoric opportunity with revealing imagery. Fox New millionaires spew venomous rhetoric to viewers who remind of Paleozoic Era (Pre-Devonian Period) amphibians and refusal to explore leaving their aquatic environment for a look at the shore. They are not stuck in their comfortable and precarious aquatic environs, yet some have evolved to breathing the same air we breathe. Despite sharing life as we know it, many Fox News viewers (and AM talk radio listeners) are stuck in their social paradigms comparable to living and breathing creatures who cannot share a more universally accommodating world.

We often share segments from The Daily Show's, Jon Stewart. The latest offerings related to Fox News and conservative dogma.
Stewart explores Fox New's Eric Bolling and the Fox News attack on SNAP programs.

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