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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Scarborough Proves Claims Fox and MSNBC Balance Is A False Equivalent

I stopped watching MSNBC's Morning Joe Show about two years ago. The format induced aversions and Joe Scarborough exemplified why any comparison of Fox News and MSNBC is a false equivalence comparison. Scarborough (along with ample numbers of highly paid sycophant co-hosts and guest) and the show host (Chuck Todd) that follows Scarborough's daily tirades against the Administration has changed my morning (dress for work) news viewing. Either the horrors of local news (with all early morning frivolity and giggles) or the waiting arms of CNN News Day became my options. In other words, morning news viewing for me has become a very much a fleeting activity. Of course, I do spend a few minutes with News Day and simply flip-it off when they start the network's daily conservative guest programming.

Today, two peeps at CNN programming reinforced the growing perception CNN has gone all out "lean very Right." Chris Cuomo started today's horror show with early morning Newt Gingrich, working to appear super intelligent while selling the Keystone XL Pipeline during questioning about the Russia invasion of part of Ukraine. It should be noted Paul Ryan did exactly the same yesterday while appearing with News Day host Kate Bolduan. That discussion was also about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Obviously, the GOP Playbook for the week includes extemporaneous insertions of the Keystone XL Pipeline, while video taping segments about the Ukraine invasion.  

The GOP is so very shallow and all about the business of "Fake it, to Make it!" 

Later in the day while taking a break from a daily chore, I attempted to avoid MSNBC's The Cycle, via heading back to CNN. My knee-jerk dial tuning led me directly to Jake Tapper interviewing, of all people, Texas soon to be former governor Rick "oops" Perry. Needless to say, but I will close with, my viewing of Tapper and Perry ran 1.5 seconds.

I have expended a few minutes on CNN's facilitation of conservative mantra and policy for one reason only.

While avoiding early morning Newt Gingrich on CNN, I ventured over to the Morning Joe Show. My traipsing around led me directly to Willie Geist and Joe Scarborough extolling the virtues of the Koch brothers. Geist was much more subtle in supporting his boss Joe Scarborough. Mika was sitting like a chastised puppy looking down at the set table not daring to make eye-contact with what appeared as the object of Scarborough's posit: Harold (Deeply Blue Dog) Ford. Of course, I quickly hit the flat screen remote to another network. But, was there (on MSNBC) enough time to hear and see Scarborough yelping about the generous Koch contributions to the Arts.

Since, I knew Ford would not retort with serious concerns about the Kochs, I rejoined my Morning Joe Show paradigm and tuned away. The Kochs have via Koch 501 (C) (6) organizations (Freedom Partners specifically) funded anti-ACA campaign to the tune of plus $120 million dollars. If you follow current events, you may know the Kochs have worked to segregate schools in North Carolina.  While undocumented, I strongly suspect the Kochs via their gargantuan wealth cast a "Just Say No" shadow on Administration proposals to raise the minimum wage, provide assistance to the long-term unemployed, and their very presence provides impetus "just-saying no" to all things Obama. 

Ultimately Scarborough, the good conservative, opts to completely ignore the US Tea Party born of Tobacco Industry and Koch ideology dating back to 2002. Thus, the MSNBC conservative spokesperson cares nothing about a metastasized tea party that he has taken to task and he fails to factor a US government shutdown and a congressional approval rating below 12 percent.  

Scarborough was given a "collar" he continues to wear by his co-host's father, Zbigniew Brzezinski, in December 2008.

A less than 30 days after the first election of Barack Obama to the US presidency, Scarborough was fitted and dressed-down. he continues to wear collar fitted by Dr. Brzezinski.

His support for David and Charles Koch while expected and delivered, show shallowness unbecoming a major GOP pundit who reportedly earns in the range of $99,000 per week.

Contribution to the Arts!  (surprisingly  superficial)

The Raw Story ran a piece about the morning segment.

‘Morning Joe’ freaks out over Democratic claims that GOP is ‘addicted to Koch’ (via Raw Story )
Democrats have targeted Charles and David Koch, the billionaire industrialists who help bankroll conservative politics, in advance of the congressional midterm elections. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a digital campaign Thursday…

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