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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Andrew Napolitano, Fox News Idiot!

The Daily Show, Napolitano, and conservative idiocy.

Last night, Tuesday March 11, 2013, Jon Daily sat with Fox News's Andrew Napolitano. The psychical revamped alleged judge (a Fox News staple), has carved out a niche in American society that is only acceptable and understandable when we add Fox News to the mix. Napolitano is an anti-Abe Lincoln(ite) who has issues with Lincoln's efforts to end slavery and how slavery came to an end.  

My knowledge of Lincoln does not support the prospect that I take an  exception to Napolitano's B/S, due to an affinity Civil War president. In fact, I have read Lincoln was factually a racist, but one who valued humanity and preservation of the Union beyond his personal social deficiencies. The man was not an abolitionist.

My issues with Napolitano align closely with the "neo-regressive racist rationalizers" who have proliferated like weeds since President Obama took office in 2009.  

The judge came on to the Daily Show set with a handshake and a KISS. A loud over-the-top cheek kiss, certain to have been heard in Europeand Asia. His effort was such an obvious and cheap "setting the stage" strategy to soften or disarm the witty Stewart. What happens to the customary show of affinity via the 'shoulder bump.' Even George W. Bush lays a shoulder in there from time to time.  I dread to think Napolitano was so wanting to avoid the appearance of anything common to progressives, he opted for a 'worldwide' kiss. If you think my assessment of a "disarming kiss" is a stretch, watch as the judge exhorts applause from a crowd, he obviously felt might not welcome. His exhorting arm movements were comparable to football players on the sidelines exhorting the crows for noise while the opposing team is on offense.  Therein lies the phony kiss; typical conservative shallow. 

He then moves to asinine rationale for being anti-Lincoln by commenting about how slavery was "dying a natural death."  Never has a highly paid mouth-piece spoke so callously and far-off base.   There isn't a person alive or archived in history who can, or could have, accurately state the death of slavery via natural death.  Early US capitalism was at the opposite end of that totally asinine and false reality. While, apparatus inventions (eg., The Cotton Gin) came to assist the agriculturally dependent US South, there is no way such apparatus could have provided large-scale physical labor. "No Pay" physical labor was literally the heart and core of southern mercantilism.  Is there a need to also address the purely heinous reality of slavery as commerce for many who earned a living via transport and trading in human bondage?  

Finally, before the Stewart two part video, allow me to harshly state a couple more points. As stated above the Fox News "staple", Napolitano, has simply craved out a niche that guarantees book sales, article and guest appearances (including a deep niche at the increasing racist Fox News). His use of slavery seems to denigrate the tragedy and seriousness of slavery in US History> His remarks certainly is over-the-top disrespectful to African-Americans with lineage and history rooted in slavery.  His use of slavery places him among a growing "neo-regressive racist rationalizers' and places Napolitano squarely in the realm of white privilege for profit.

What is the point of his positions in the grand scheme of things? I fail to see the relevance beyond conservative affinity for slavery mantra. An ironic point as the party is most assuredly infested with bigots and racist, is supported by racist media (radio and TV) and has a membership that is 92% white. Moreover, conservative America and the GOP long for times pre-1950, the movement is noted for short-term thinking, strategy, and short-term memory. What is Napolitano's point? I believe I answered the questions above.

The Daily Show.....

Part 1

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