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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Ukraine and Russia: An Idyllic State For An Old Grandstanding US Politician

A soldier rests atop a Russian armored personnel carriers with a road sign reading "Sevastopol - 32 kilometers"

The anticipated crisis in the Ukraine is unraveling just as expected.  Vladimir Putin is a "Cold War(ist)" just as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. We should expect nothing less than invasion (Strategic insertion) from Putin. His actions are no different than we could have expected from McCain had the nation fell into an abyss and elected McCain and Sarah Plain to the White House. For that matter, Mitt Romney would be same.

The GOP is ever-seeking opportunity for military intervention. When they cannot find such, they procreate intervention (WMD). We should be recall McCain "....I voted with Bush  95% of the time." [ Linked A, Linked B ] He once said the US could be in Iraq for 100 years, he was photographed with an Al Qaeda operative while encouraging Obama to Bomb in Syria, and the man has never found a potential war he did not love. Factually, the links above relegate the warmongering McCain to that of a "non-issue" mouthy old man.
Monica Kryddstark Denham's photo.
It is also critical to know that McCain's saber-rattling throughout the morning is pure "self-aggrandizing" lobbying for seats on tomorrow's Sunday Morning New Shows.

One last thought. Imagine McCain/Palin serving even one term in the White House. Of course, Palin would have quit about one third the way through that horrific thought (McCain/)Palin in the White House).

There is so much to report on developments in the Ukraine. I have posted a few news 'decks' via RePost.US.

Over 10,000 protest in Ukraine's pro-Russia city of Donetsk (via AFP)
More than 10,000 people carrying Russian flags protested Saturday in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk, the stronghold of ousted president Viktor Yanukovych, an AFP journalist said. Protesters declared they supported "the aspirations of Crimea to…

Trending: Crisis in Crimea means more Ukraine troubles (via
Just days ago, American tweets converged on tumult in Kiev, capital of Ukraine. By week's end, the Crimea region, located on a peninsula at the country's southern tip, had hit headlines, too. Crimea drew tweets from the United States and 50,000 Google…

Britain summons ambassador over Russia troops move (via AFP)
British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Saturday condemned the Russian parliament's decision to authorise military action in Ukraine and said he had summoned the Russian ambassador to register his concerns. "This action is a potentially grave threat

Putin moves to send troops into Ukraine (via AFP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin won the green light from parliament Saturday to send troops into Ukraine after a bloody three-month uprising swept new pro-EU leaders to power while also sparking unrest in the pro-Kremlin Crimean peninsula. The stark…

CNN Video segments

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