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Thursday, March 13, 2014

ObamaCare, ACA, HealthCare Reform: Spreading Despite Koch Efforts To Deny Care To People

Two nights ago a Florida special election ended with victory and speech from a Republican, Jolly, claiming a seat vacated by a long-term Republican. 

You might know issues related to ObamaCare or no ObamaCare were peripheral to the election results. The Right claims the victory was a referendum against ObamaCare; the Left says "No such thing." 

Meanwhile, the ACA moves forward. 

While the Tea Party infested House prepares for yet another frivolous "repeal ObamaCare" vote, the health insurance law continues to help people. You may not be aware, each Boehner/Cantor vote cost the tax payers $1.6 million dollars. Doing the math incontrovertibly illustrates GOP obstruction, GOP legislative charades and GOP pandering to the Koch brothers is quite high: $81.6 million. Of course, the Koch are reported to have spent half a billion dollars on anti-ACA campaigns. Imagine the prospect of over one half a billion dollars available for feeding the poor or providing critical medical or dental procedures for the less fortunate. 

Meanwhile, the ACA moves forward. 

While the Kochs and their legislative facilitators are busy working against the ACA, the life sustaining law spreads. 

It moves forward!
Re-Blog from Talking Points Memo

(“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC.”)

Map: The New Obamacare Reality Facing GOP Candidates

*Note: Washington is funneling a huge number of Medicaid renewals (more than 351,000 as of March 6) through its exchange. Our methodology, explained here and based on consultations with experts, did not account for that because most states are not.

As TPM has reported, .......

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