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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Social Cancer That Has Metastasized In The United States: Jon Stewart "Racism" [VIDEO]

I give them food...
I give them clothes...
I give them cars...
I give them houses....

(All they have to do is pick cotton . Ooops, I mean.......)

The month of April 2014 has turned out to be a seminal period of reflection of American sordid past.  A past including indelible passages under the title "race." Archives with roots in the western Europe that eventually led to fissures in Africa and "forced immigration." Forced immigration to support a growing country with need for free labor in a primarily agricultural region. A growing country infested with people indifferent, intolerant and hostile to people unlike themselves relative to race and culture. A people who over-time also exemplified its future via genocide against native North Americans. 

Moreover, a nation with regional ideology that found human bondage and low cost labor an acceptable and requisite business model.

Inherent to, and in addition to, a nation dependent on slavery coupled with a general ideology of hostility towards non-white human beings, the young nation tucked itself into a future bigotry and racism at its core. It became such as existentially as plantation slave quarters, freedom to plunder sexually, unfettered oppression physically and with authority to destroy ancestral lineage. Thus, a nation set a path towards and a foundation for bigotry and racism as common as fireworks on the Fourth of July. 

And, we should never believe that people like white supremacists, people like Cliven Bundy, people lie Rush Limbaugh, people like Donald Sterling, people like Pat Buchanan, news networks like Fox New and political parties like the GOP and the Libertarian parties have sole ownership of racism and bigotry. We are seeing in America on a daily basis.

Racism is also not a cancer that solely exists in the United States.  Yet, US racism is a  degrading social disease the we should not only not tolerate. It should be driven into oblivion by true Americans with courage to speak out when faced with racism. Racism should be hunted down like a rabid animal and extinguished by federal authorities and the Department of Justice. Additionally, the US Congress, if left with Democrat representation with any degree of power, should counter decision by the GOP SCOTUS. The GOP is over-the-top indifferent to matter of race and it as a political party is harmfully tolerant of people who exercise their human and constitutional right to say what they wish.  One more step....I will restate my strong commitment to contempt for a political party since the late 1960s (Kevin Phillips, Lee Atwater, Ronald Reagan) who led in what we are seeing today: '"It is OK to be a bigot." 

Before turning this piece over to the genius of Jon Stewart, it should be noted: Donald Sterling is a registered Republican. He may have contributed to progressive causes in the Los Angeles area, but he is not a card carrying Democrat. I will posit, listening very closely to his words will yield the essence of thought by millions upon millions who seem to still harbor social ideology common across the full scope of America in the 1700s.

The Daily Show...Jon Stewart

Now, before you leave, scroll up and re-read the opening. How do those words differ from those heard by Cliven Bundy, Rick Santorum (BLAH People), and Paul Ryan (Inner city culture)? Now, what does each of those people have in common beyond race? As a matter of fact, I find no names in this piece who claim American liberalism or progressivism; a telling reality.

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