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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bill Moyers And Our Growing Oligrachy

Many of us have been at this point far longer than the most respected and without questions Bill Moyers. The US federal legislature to a total farce.  

Criticism should be shared, but we posit the sharing should must be shared with a major lean towards an indictment of the Right. Obstruction from the Right is unequalled US History. And, the obstruction and "protection racket" regarding our newly recognized oligarchy, shouldn't mean a "rollover us" position from the Left

The Raw Story: Bill Moyers

Bill Moyers: America is on the verge of being overrun by ‘mad dash’ toward oligarchy (via Raw Story )
Bill Moyers criticized both political parties on Friday for furthering the “protection racket” built to protect the mega-rich from paying their fair share of taxes while extending their influence over politics. “Sad that it’s come to this,”…

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