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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GOP Ideology Leaders Jumps Don Lemon, CNN. "Sleeping With Men."

Huffington Post
Limbaugh entertains his listeners without respect for any US racial, sexual or physically challenged demographic. The only demographic insulted from Limbaugh heinous ignorance is the white male conservative. Since, Limbaugh's psyche twists towards bigotry and racism, he cannot actually blanket criticism white men.  He has not 'bigot hook' until the person opens up with progressive comment.  

The EIB network GOP ideology leader has lashed out at Don Lemon, CNN host, for criticizing Limbaugh comment about Donald Sterling as victim of a set-up for not giving enough to support Obama.  

Huffington Post

Mother Jones
"Report: Clippers Owner Caught In Racist Rant Is A Democratic Donor" — Fox Nation.
"NBA Sterling is a Democrat..." — Matt Drudge.
"Race Hate Spewing Clippers Owner Is Democratic Donor" — the Daily Caller.
"Media Ignoring Dem Donations of LA Clippers' Owner, Allegedly Caught on Tape in Race-Based Rant" — NewsBusters.
"LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling is a Racist Democrat" — the Tea Party News Network.
 Mother Jones writers,   and , got it right.
On Sunday, Michael Hiltzik, a Los Angeles Times columnist, tweeted that local voter records show Sterling to be a registered Republican "since 1998." We followed up on that, and a search of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder's website for Sterling's name, date of birth, and address confirmed that he's registered as a Republican:
 Donald Sterling Republican Registration from LA County

Two points. 

It will serve no purpose to opine farther. You know what Limbaugh is about and who he speaks for and represents. Those people are not going to read the TPI. If they read at all, they will click-on to sites listed in the Mother Jones piece, or even more zany conservative sites. 

Limbaugh listener ratings and Fox News's viewer ratings compared to other cable networks, speaks volumes. The ratings data show the level to which the US Populace has devolved into a gullible and hateful demographic that provides a solid base for Right-wing propaganda and sets a path for GOP economic policy that solely benefits the nation's Top 20 percent.

Limbaugh's comments about "sleeping with men," we should stand as moniker for conservative America along with frequent racial attacks and the even more frequent "fema-nazi" phrase.

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