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Friday, April 25, 2014

Bundy, Fox News, Hannity, Jon Stewart, GOP And The Obama Administration: Fox, Bundy and Hanntyt Lose!

I missed the following Sean Hannity segment last night. I missed the live segment because of my aversion to Fox News. We knew Hannity would address his friends racists remarks and we knew he would delver a statement that isolates Bundy and his racism while clinging to his often excursion to sedition. So, there is no surprise in his statement. The Fox News host remains contrite spewing drivel about the tragedy of Waco (David Keresh) and other cases where wacked-out citizens placed themselves opposite common standards of behavior, compliance with federal law and decency.
Hannity continues to ignore the simple fact his hero has evaded decades of taxes other ranchers have paid as citizens of the United States and citizens and business people of Nevada.   Hannity has not once asked his hero friend, why he ( Budny) chose the path of a tax evader.  Yet, the Fox News host places BLM at the forefront of each statement segment related to Bundy's Grazing Tax evasion.

Fox News has, no doubt, garnered a ratings victory via Hannitys over-the-top and perimeter seditious coverage the stand-off. But, what price ratings?  

Let's take a Media Matters look at the extent to which Fox News's Hannity has rivaled CNN "lost in space" coverage of MH-370.

If you prefer a pie chart....

Why didn't Fox News, especially Hannity, at least seek a bit of information about Bundy before grabbing his tax evasion as a Fox News tool against the Obama Administration? The rhetorical question can pass without an answer. We know why. The network will grab any issue that facilitates its anti-Obama business model and the network's viewers simply gobble-up Fox News propaganda without question. 

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