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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chris Revisits On His Over-talking and Uncivil Right-Wing Guests. "Learn From Them?

Chris Hayes came back to the airways on Monday (April 21, 2014) and addressed a discussion that took place the previous Friday. During a segment on Friday the MSNBC show host took part in what as supposed to be a discussion of the Cliven Bundy tax evasion conflict: linked.  The Bundy conflict that has become a cause celeb for Fox News and many on the conservative Right.  In fact, Sean Hannity has gone complete revolutionary while touching his toes into sedition very much unbecoming of an alleged news network. 

If you viewed and listened to the linked segment, you should understand why many on the Left an Right took exception to the interaction, although from different perspectives.

Conservatives seem to find the Hayes show fertile ground for spewing mantra, and angst filled comment.  Their indecency and lack of civility seems to flow during some show segments. Some on the Left feel Hayes invites conservatives to his show, while ill-prepared when they "full-rant" and Gish Gallop*.

Chris Hayes's Monday segment.

  Key comment from Chris.
"I think people know where I stand on these issues....."   
"...politics is about having those arguments...."   
"...actually learning by hearing what the other side has to say..."  
" is important to understand how they are thinking they see the world"  
"...the point is not to bring them on an thoroughly humility them on national television..."  
"...I want to hear from them..." 
"...and I think I have a better understanding of American politics because of it..."  
 " we are gong to keep doing this..."  

"I think people know where I stand on these issues....." So, Chris are you saying it is your position to simply provide people like Stefano a platform? 
"...politics is about having those arguments...." Two of the three cited guests, Chris, did not argue a point, the guest Gish Galloped you to the point of smug-face sitting as a stifled show host. No arguments ensued
"...actually learning by hearing what the other side has to say..."
Learning what they have to say is admirable and humane, two points. First, they are not civil nor considerate in their treatment the show host (you). More important providing a seven minute segment is not sufficient to accomplish your stated goal of "learning."

" is important to understand how they are thinking they see the world"  
Debatable actually. Why do so many conservatives refuse to appear on The Ed Show, TRMS, and The Last Word.  I have heard each host appeal for certain conservatives to appear on their shows. "NO TAKERS."  Also, if they "know how you think," Chris as you stated, then you actually also know how they think. So the booking is to fulfill the dynamics of the political television show. A vastly different dynamic than a lecture in which learning theoretical happens. Or, better yet a social gathering where length dialog ensues with no real mind-change in either party.

"...the point is not to 
bring them on an 
humility them 
on national television..."  
Yes, but there is such a thing as controlling the process as the show host via knowledge of techniques to stop "Gish Gallop."
"...I want to hear from them..."Of course, and it is your show Chris, but it is not a show in a vacuum. You have viewers. Viewers who may not come to your show to hear Fox News like rants and effective use of Gish Gallop. 
"...and I think I have a better understanding of American politics because of it..." ....... and you have every right to get that "...better understanding of American politics" offered via the Stefano Clip above.  I suppose we viewers are just items spread across the nation with no vested interested in such guests.
" we are gong to keep doing this..."  
Well, I will have to be much more mindful of your guest, to facilitate television remote unit options to flick off the guest.  I can see Right-wing angst via visiting Fox News. The fact that you revisited the Friday state legislator, indicates thought (by someone)  contrary to your statement about seeking leaning experiences from such people. Or, at least that is how it seemed to me.

Hayes offered two examples in the segment above. You may not have a need to view the following excerpts again, but the two examples (from Hayes) show very different host/Right-wing interaction.  

Clip 1. Stefano (paid Americans for Prosperity Anti-democrat, anti-progressive, anti-American democracy mouth-piece...armed to smother with Gish Gallup noise and a gotcha affront while occupying Hayes segment air-time.)


Clip 2. Wolfowitz (Iraq War architect)

Wolfowitz made his point and we can assume the segment passed to finish in a civility and between host and guest in a shared manner. The Stefano clip was a perfect example of a guest using a form of Gish Gallop to tie the interaction into a knot. A knot from which the host failed to break and return the segment to an intellectual exchange.  The abuser knows the segment will end just about the time,  her rant ends and she knows there is no opportunity to run the segment for a longer period. 

*Rational Wiki 
The Gish Gallop is the debating technique of drowning the opponent in such a torrent of small arguments that their opponent cannot possibly answer or address each one in real time. More often than not, these myriad arguments are full of half-truths, lies, and straw-man arguments - the only condition is that there be many of them, not that they be particularly compelling on their own. They may be escape hatches or "gotcha" arguments that are specifically designed to be brief, but take a long time to unravel. 

Make now mistake, liberal America needs more advocates like Chris Hayes, I watch his show on the daily, and often use video segments from his show as adjunct embeds to articles published on the TPI

Our, concern, which is not shared by Chris Hayes, relates to the uselessness of booking tea party (Koch operative) talking-heads machine gun mouths, if the segment ends with Chris sitting as if shocked his Boy Scout exhibit did not win a prize. When the host ends a segment as was the case last Friday: "...please don't put words in my mouth." Well, that is not effective current event exploration nor is it an effective point-counter-point learning experience. 

Hayes, referred to point counter-point as not "high school wrestling." I thought that analogy was somewhat condescending, but hey it is Chris Hayes' show. He can use whatever analogy he chooses. 

With due respect to Chris Hayes, I observed an MSNBC segment this evening with a host who effectively handled a tea-party talking head. She accomplished host control just as the talking head was launching into his Gish Gallop-like soliloquy. Joy Ann-Reid... (The salient portion of the segment starts at the 4:44 minute mark. The segment relates to Tea Party impact on the GOP and the fall elections.)

Inviting guest on a show " learn perspectives and better understand US politics" is admirable. Admirable, but I question the choice of forum and the use of critical interaction with the few conservatives who accept discussion on liberal media. No one knows the seriousness of 'the message' better than Chris Hayes.  The viewer loses out, when the message is diluted with strategic manipulation of limited time, via yelling and Gish Galloping issues out of the blue (to cloudy and render the segment and arguments indiscernible)

We as viewers may not share Hayes's quest for learning from guest who are highly compensated (probably by the Kochs in some way)  demagogues and fulfilling a mission or guest focused on tearing apart a news segment.

Control the process Chris! You will find your guest more respectful of your positions and they will more often than not hear you points. 

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