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Sunday, April 20, 2014

CNN: "Can The KKK Re-brand?" Relevance please CNN?

Ku Klux Klan Re-brand?

Seriously CNN, the national has two families morning the deaths of innocents killed by a white supremacist and the best your managers and producers can conjure-up is....... 

Can this KKK leader rebrand?
By Ashley Fantz, CNN 
updated 3:19 PM EDT, Sun April 20, 2014

Is this a CNN media ploy to garner viewers now that MH370 appears to be lost for eternity? Has CNN lost a tragedy? Doesn't the Korean holiday trip tragedy fail to provide opportunity for weeks and weeks of pulsatiling and over-the top coverage?

The following CNN piece relates to whether or not the KKK can re-brand includes a 1:30 clip of how the white supremacist may attempt to show a face so diametrically opposite its heritage, it is insulting.

Ah, cleansing the hatred.

After last Sunday's killings, a Klan leader apparently spoke about the carnage. Well, correct that, the said nothing about the carnage, he spoke about how the killings derailed his efforts to separate from the horrid history of the Klan. 
"What this guy just did set back everything I've been trying to do for years," said Ancona, who leads the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. 
CNN tracked Ancona down on Twitter, where he has 840 followers, after he and other self-professed hate group leaders denounced the shootings in interviews with USA Today and CNN affiliate WDAF in Kansas City, Missouri
"I believe in racial separation but it doesn't have to be violent," he told CNN. "People in the Klan are professional people, business people, working types. We are a legitimate organization." 
Cross, who founded the Carolina Knights of the KKK in the 1980s, went "rogue," Ancona said.
Ancona, who lives in Missouri, insists there's a new Klan for modern times -- a Klan that's "about educating people to our ideas and getting people to see our point of view to ... help change things." 
He said he and those like him can spread that message without violence -- a sort of re-branding of the Klan.
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CNN managed to find experts to respond to a question that has as much relevance in today's world as as evolution of the of the Centipede form a lower life form.

"The idea may sound absurd, but is it conceivable?"

After reporting the answer as "No" from people with specific expertise CNN has to have considered relevant (top marketing experts, brand gurus and historians) the articles makes for an interesting read.  

My concern is, why even pose the question? Of greater importance, racism endemic to the "KKK" and major undercurrents of bigotry and racism in conservative America. I wouldn't be so intellectually selfish to suggest that all conservatives are bigots or racist. Yet, I will posit along the lines of the factual racial, gender and generational composition of the GOP and Libertarian movement. The numbers are telling and the numbers exist without noticeable efforts to provide injections of diversity.

Racial and Ethnic Composition of U.S., by Party ID, 2012

And the numbers really do not change.


Party Composition in U.S.: Independents, 2008 vs. 2012
Party Composition in U.S.: Democrats, 2008 vs. 2012

Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate

The numbers depict bias that serves as a basis and foundation for sub-cultures like the KKK and white supremacist groups.  Ultimately, the foundation serves as a platform for this......

ABC News

Stormfront Website Posters Have Murdered Almost 100 People, Watchdog Group Says

PHOTO: From left to right, Wade Michael Page, Richard Poplawski, and Anders Breivik are seen.
Nine men who were allegedly prolific posters on the white supremacist website Stormfront were responsible for killing almost 100 people over the past five years, according to a report released today by the Southern Poverty Law Center. 
Among the nine people named in the report are Anders Breivik, who was convicted of killing 77 people in two attacks in Norway in 2011, Wade Michael Page, who authorities said killed six people at a Milwaukee Sikh temple before taking his own life, and Richard Poplawski, who was sentenced to death for killing three Pittsburgh police officers. 
“If you spend enough time looking at these folks, there is a pattern that emerges," said Heidi Beirich, who spent two years analyzing the white nationalist website Stormfront, which she calls the "murder capital of the internet." 
"It is a myth that racist killers hide in the shadows. Investigators find that most offenders openly advocated their ideology online, often posting on racist forums and blogs for hours every day," Beirich said.
PHOTO: A screen grab from is seen.
A screen grab from is seen.
With 268,000 registered users, she said Stormfront has become a breeding ground for hate, where the typical shooter, who she said is a "frustrated, unemployed, white adult male," can post his grievances against society.

Yet, another perspective from Rachel Maddow, MSNBC TRMS.

CNN often reaches for the sensational and quick "attention grabbers." Of far more importance, how political and social movements provide a basis for breeding and incubation for greater horrors.

A question of re-branding" in and of itself is problematic. CNN managers are intelligent enough to know the answer to the question before embarking on development of the article or the segment. I find their reason for asking the question as ridiculous as the question why are there prostitutes without exploring the underlying reasons for the sex trade. Moreover, the re-branding question is as much fallacy as asking if prostitution can be re-branded. 

Underlying reasons for human behavior are far more critical than wonderment about how the behavior manifest. The questions of manifestation doesn't begin to address the horror of what are are seeing as outcome.

Wake-up CNN and become relevant to a higher level of journalism that could influence millions to a greater and better society. 

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