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Friday, April 25, 2014

CNN Does Bundy (Amidst ) MH-370 Reality TV

Bundy "Welfare Queen?" 

I will add, he is also the perfect example of "Have Money, Will Travel."

The man is as ignorant as a nocturnal snail slug, but his money affords him opportunity to both evade US taxes and opportunity to garner hours and hours of television news broadcast time.

Watch these segments. After you finish the viewing, think for a time about how you want the US to develop. Bundy and his GOP are the prefects example of that which is bad in our nation. Oh, yes, I threw a blanket across the Right. No one on the Right has performed one extinguishing act against Bundy like drivel since Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America.  

Yet, now they wish to leave the mumbling racist in-the shadows.

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While Cuomo offers Bundy a meant lashing, he fails via providing the racist an opportunity to smear the history of the US Civil Rights movement. I have little doubt, Bundy was coached to move to MLK and Rosa Park. Problem is, whoever coaches the man has an up hill struggle. Kind o like trying to coach Sarah Palin.

Now watch the perfect example of the Stockholm syndrome. The unmistakable "for hire mercenary" and one some call that black guy in the plantation mansion who would tell if he saw a male slave even wink at a female salve.  "You know this guy."

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