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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Connect The Dots..... ReFocuses on Federal Spending

Connect The Dots USA helped with reaching the 8 million ACA enrollees as much as any efforts from the Democrats.

There was time when I performed daily checks of the Connect the Dots Facebook page. I will also admit to suffering instances of angst and chagrin when the page developer off working on direct information sessions and "in the trenches" work related to enrollment. Critical work I was too busy to accomplish. 

After wishing us all a hardy thank you for our efforts, the page developers are turning to another battle: the fight for income equity and disseminating information about federal spending. Both are critical to life for the middle class or those who live in the lower income strata.

Connect The Dots USA

Thanks to everyone who helped put the Health Insurance Marketplace enrollment over the 7 million goal yesterday. More enrollments will be trickling in from state-run exchanges and as folks still in the queue complete their applications. 

Estimates are that 9.5 million folks who otherwise would not have insurance are now insured because of the Affordable Care Act, including new coverages on-and-off the exchanges, through the Medicaid expansion, and young adults under 26 years being able to stay on their parents’ plan. That’s a big dent in the 38 million uninsured U.S. citizens/legal immigrants and a great start for the ACA. Take a victory lap!

We’ll now pivot on this FB page to one of my other favorite (and often confusing) topics: “Budgets and Deficits and Debt, Oh My!” We hear talk of trillions over here and billions over there, of government shutdowns, of cutting 100 billion dollars from domestic, non-defense, discretionary spending. What the heck is that anyway? You might be thinking “Wait, I might actually like that stuff... is a $100 billion cut going to hurt?” Let’s find the answers and tame those budget beasts.

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