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Monday, April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling...Fat Cats, Lawsuits, Racist Rants, Ownership Decisions

Here's my official position on the Donald Sterling comments:
(For those who don't know, Donald Sterling is a Southern California real estate magnate that has owned the LA Clippers for much too long...over the past few days, audio recordings purportedly have his voice making highly racial comments)
Donald Sterling is the worst owner in pro sports today. As a matter of fact, he has been since his closest competition, Ted Stepien, sold the Cleveland Cavaliers. It should be no surprise to anyone, if the allegations are true, that Sterling would say these things. Today, his team, before their playoff game with the Golden State Warriors (a game they lost badly), all put their warm ups in a pile at center court of the Oracle Center, the home court of the Warriors. A Warriors fan was shown on TV holding a sign saying that racism is not welcome.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, who's been the boss for less than three months, told the media last night that he'd make a decision before Tuesday about what to do. Tuesday night, the fifth game of the series between the Clippers and Warriors is to be played at the Staples Center. Luckily, Sliver has some sports precedent to use: back in the 90's, the late Marge Schott, who owned the Cincinnati Reds at the time, was suspended twice for making racist comments. After a third offense, MLB forced her to sell the team. Silver should skip over suspension and force Sterling to sell the team ASAP.

For his part, Sterling has said, through a press release, that the woman to whom Sterling purportedly speaks in the recordings is the defendant in a $1.8-million civil embezzlement lawsuit. There are two things we can take from that: first, the fact that it's a civil lawsuit instead of a criminal action means that the LA District Attorney doesn't believe the embezzlement charges. Second, civil cases are decided on the "preponderance of the evidence" standard, not the "beyond all reasonable doubt" standard required for criminal cases. What the woman's attorney(s) have done is to suggest that race is behind the lawsuit, not an actual criminal action. The woman is half-African-American and half-Mexican.

I think what needs to be done is fairly clear. Whether Sliver has the balls to do it is the question now. 

We'll see what happens...

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