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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Edward Snowden: An Embarassing and Dangerous Misfit

“In youth we learn; in age we understand.”
– Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach (1830 – 1916) 

The Hill is reporting Edward Snowden's video appearance last Thursday went as about as well as other Snowden decisions-making.  What a loser!

Edward Snowden continues to show the extent to which he exercises poor judgment. Judgment rooted in misguided ideology and, frankly, naivety.  

During an annual question and answer session Putin "allowed" a prerecorded question (below) from Edward Snowden, intelligence leaker, "espionage agent" and documented anti-US government/anti-Obama  idiot." 

The Daily Beast.....

Snowden to Putin (in full-blown stupidity)  
“Does Russia intercept, store, or analyze in any way the communications of millions of individuals? And do you believe that simply increasing the effectiveness of intelligence or law enforcement agencies can justify placing societies, rather than subjects, under surveillance? Thank you.”
How could Snowden for even a second not realize his efforts to satisfy some zany crusade could possibly yield positive results? If his efforts were not part of a strategy to provide propaganda to Putin, Snowden's his level of zaniness and to his level of narcissism validates criticism of the manner in which he revealed US security Intelligence.  If his efforts were not meant to serve as an adjunct to Putin propaganda, Snowden failed miserably; his question became propaganda. 

A few questions.
What did the young libertarian actually hope to gain via the video (with a doubt pre-screened) hope to gain? 
Did he actually believe Putin would respond, "Yes, young man we are doing the same and probably more intrusive forms of INTEL gathering."
Is the nation's most recent anti-US spy actually working to secure votes for the prospect of a Nobel Peace Prize? 
Does Putin not realize his actions actually appear to be a form of collaboration with the Russia leader and his Intel apparatus?
I have posted the interchange below. After Snowden's ego-driven intro to his question, Putin answered in a manner that starts with words that should draw attention.  

The Russian leader. 
“Mr. Snowden, you are a former agent. I used to work for an intelligence service. Let’s speak in a professional language.” 
“Our intelligence efforts are strictly regulated by our law,” he added. “You have to get a court’s permission first.”
I am not aware Snowden's resume` included the title of "agent." Agent for what nation?  My recall of his background ends with references to his work as an NSA technician.  A technician who used espionage methods to secure access to information his clearance did not accommodate. His subterfuge certainly qualifies as that of a spy. The salient point is, for which nation? Ultimately, his INTEL leaks may have benefited you and me regarding our "privacy." Yet, a full 13 years after commencing such monitoring*, you must also accept that his INTEL leak may have benefited the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians and possible the North Koreans  in way inherent with danger that surpasses stepping on our privacy. Let's seriously consider the US has no patent nor copyright protection of such data gathering. If the US monitors meta-data, we can damned well assume two to three of the stated nations are doing same. 

Snowden addressed Putin.

Two sources close to Snowden have told The Daily Beast, Snowden posed the question to invoke a different response form Putin.
The Daily Beast
“It certainly didn’t go as he would’ve hoped,” one source said. “I don’t think there’s any shame in saying that he made an error in judgment.” 

Another Snowden confidante said he wanted the exchange to appear like he was criticizing Russia. 

“He basically viewed the question as his first foray into criticizing Russia. He was genuinely surprised that in reasonable corridors it was seen as the opposite,” said Ben Wizner, the American Civil Liberties Union attorney who serves as a close adviser to Snowden.
Read more
Snowden is a twenty something millennial who is reported to have an affinity for Ron Paul (thus libertarian). We can surmise from such reports he is anti-US government and probably at his experience level consumed with world changing ideology that should be left far from intelligence operations.  
As INTEL goes, so do nations
Snowden's judgment continues to appear problematic in one regard and outright stupid on a more colloquial basis. Stupidity regarding national security is as dangerous as any suicide mission planed and executed by KSM and Osama bin Laden. 
The reaction to Snowden's poor judgment is far and wide. I have posted one Twitter example as a bit of "color comment." Excuse the sports vernacular.

  1. Edward Snowden has just officially made himself into a Russian propaganda tool
    Image will appear as a link
  2. do you think he had much choice in the matter?
  3. . It would have been nice for U.S gov. to let him get the asylum outside Russia before this happened.
  4. : Edward Snowden has just officially made himself into a Russian propaganda tool ” Shocked. Not
  5. Snowden has been an unofficial Russian tool for some time now

  1. The Snowden saga continues. Maybe, one day he will know and admit his judgment errors and decision-making.  

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