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Wednesday, April 2, 2014




Big Oil spends a lot of time and money marketing the Keystone XL pipeline, but as we can see from this never-before-seen footage, it’s hard to sell Keystone when your actor can’t help but tell the truth.

Here are five reasons why Keystone XL isn’t just another pipeline:

Keystone XL would transport tar sands, not your typical oil — it’s dirtier and it’s more dangerous.

Keystone XL would unlock tar sands development, and locks us into more carbon pollution.  This carbon bomb is the equivalent to building a new coal plant in every state (and one in D.C.) — more carbon than the tailpipe emissions of every car in America in one year.

Tar sands transportation is risky business. This crude is gritty, heavy stuff with the consistency of peanut butter. It needs high pressure and toxic additives to make it flow through pipelines, which increase the risk of leaks.

When there’s a tar sands spill, there’s no easy way to clean it up. Like the tragic spill last year in Mayflower, AR, the composition of tar sands crude makes it nearly impossible to get out of water when it spills.

The Keystone XL pipeline would cross over the Ogallala Aquifer, which supplies drinking water to two million Americans. There’s no substitute for clean water. This pipeline is all risk, no reward.

TransCanada is going to great lengths to sell this pipeline — do your part to reject Keystone XL.

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