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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Fox News A Divisive Force In America: Megyn Kelly Reporter Asked a Telling Question At NBA Press Conference

Kelley's prosecution crew again takes a racial side that appears a defend of Donald Sterling
Fox News is such a national embarrassment. Megyn Kelly, white Santa/white Jesus, sent a member of her staff to ask a question that says it all about Fox News and its management and owner. The Asian reporter (with non-standard and off camera dark hair) was dispatched to the NBA Sterling News conference to ask a sickening question.

“Should someone lose their team for remarks shared in private?” she asked. “Is this a slippery slope?”

Only Fox News could seek sanctuary for an overt racist such as Sterling and Bundy!   And, I guess I am to believe Fox News did not have one of its blond of "faux" blond reporters. Of course, it could have been the reporter's turn for a press conference assignment, it may have been here geography turf, and the assignment could have been legit in every way. However, if you know Fox News and dealing with issue of race, what is the modus operandi. Network manager and producers generally find an accommodating person of color to serve as (excuse the sports analogy and pun) as "color commentator" and "validator in chief."  Hence, Juan Williams termination from NPR for his racist remarks regarding "Muslim men" on an airplane in service to Bill O'Reilly. 

Why do Fox News's Kelly pursue story slants from that so often has a racial component?  

The Raw Story

Fox News sends reporter to ask NBA if punishing racists is a ‘slippery slope’ (via Raw Story )
Jo Ling Kent, a reporter for Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show, was the first and possibly only voice offering a defense for Donald Sterling at Tuesday’s NBA press conference by asking the commissioner if it was a “slippery slope” to punish him for…

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