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Friday, April 18, 2014

Fox Trots-out Food Stamp Surfer Dude While Supporting An Anarchist/Tax Evader in Nevada

Do you remember this guy?

No, not the freaky looking and freaky dressed guy to the right; the guy with the long hair and the abundance of hand jewelry. 

Remember him?

The freaky looking guy is Fox New's Sean Hannity. Yes, he still works at Fox. You may have missed him (should you tune to Fox) due to his move to a late night slot...booted for the zany and chronically bigoted Megyn Kelly.  We have another characterization of Kelly, but for today we will stick with chronically bigoted. 

We are focusing on the long-haired guy Fox News trots-out from time-to-time as a welfare freeloader.  Fox runs Jason Greenslate across their airways as a "taker", yet network managers via on-air hosts literally embrace Cliven Bundy, the Nevada tax evader as a national hero. 

Huff Po on Jason Greenslate September 22, 2013...

Jason Greenslate, Food Stamp Surfer, Responds To The Haters 

Greenslate said he's not lazy, putting more than 40 hours per week into his band,Ratt Life, which has an album coming out in six weeks. He said Fox found him through a friend. He cooperated with three days of the network's filming in hopes his band could win some publicity. It won him some local media attention, he said, but also an interview with a local prosecutor who wondered if Greenslate had broken any laws (he apparently hasn't). 
"I do work," Greenslate said. "I'm just not making any money. I'm setting up a career for myself."
Greenslate has serious issues with his life, how he chooses to purse his band-career,and his affinity for publicity. we would be seriously remiss if we did not include a closing segment of the Huff PO piece.
In a follow-up email, Greenslate lamented that Fox had portrayed him as a beach bum. "I don't feel like a bum," he said. "I pull hot chicks, drive nice cars, dress nice and wear the most baddest jewelry in the world."
A problem, no doubt, but not such that it validates GOP cuts to the SNAP program. Cuts that literally take aid form children, the elderly and certain low ranking military personnel.

SNAP, while a means to our "end," is not the central focus of this piece. Our focus is Fox News's over-the-top parading of Greenslate to support its anti-progressive agenda and propaganda. Yes, we are also challenging Fox News hypocrisy, in vilifying the band-guy, while literally supporting sedition against the US government via broadcast support of the Nevada farmer. 

Fox News has milked this story like a starving baby calf.  Here it starts. Jason Greenslate from his interview with Bill O'Reilly's producer Jesse Watters. The Surfer-guy's career with Fox was first captured on camera by Fox News while purchasing lobster with taxpayer-funded food stamps. (It is important tot keep in mind, Greensalte has indicted he was revealed to Fox News via a friend. also keep in mind the introduction to Fox news has been reported as an effort to secure free publicity for Greenslate's fledgling San Diego band. 

Before we move on, allow a few contemplative questions. Why would anyone have opportunity to introduce Greenslate to Fox News reporter, Watters?  
Did Fox New shave feelers out for subject to add flavor to their anti-food stamp/welfare position on aid to the less fortunate?   
Is it possible Greenslate and a friend enacted a strategy to turn the surfer-guy into a bundle of cash or an advertisement for his band? 
And, Hannity's March 2014 segment.  Keep in mind, Hannity is most vocal about Bundy's tax evasion which Hannity considers a form of patriotism. He does so in March 2014 while finding support for Bundy and US militia in April 2014. 
Now, for the focus of this piece. Fox News vilifies a true abuser of the SNAP program, while overtly siding with an anarchist, who surrounds himself with quaky militia, and former law officials who openly espouse placing women and children in front of the potential firing line.

How is it acceptable for a major news network to practice open exhortation to sedition against he US government?

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