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Monday, April 28, 2014

Grimm Faces A Grim Future...Allegedly Of His Own Making.

There is a place in the world for the common bully. They more than not are people who have over-the-top authoritarian psyches and they tend to stretch the limits of acceptable behavior. And, yes I also find they often step across the legal limitation of human behavior (e.g., Chris Christe, Bridgegate and Sandy Hook Funds). .  

Yet , I am not referencing the GOP's top bully: Chris Christie.  I am writing about Rep. Michael Grimm (R) NY.  

Since his election to the US House along with that 2010 Tea Party infestation of the House, I have watched and listened to Grimm with a level of contempt and disdain as I harbor for another GOP mouth piece: Rep Marsha Blackburn (R) TN. Grimm would rarely appear on any news show without exercising opportunity to take a swipe at President Obama or Obama initiatives.  Yes, he has served the GOP well when the party needed a hit-man for on camera work. 

You may remember Grimm from his widely publicize bullying of a reporter who asked about the very federal investigation that have now to come of a $400,000 bail (posted on Grimm's behalf). 

My purpose in posting the following segment relates to the first 4:00 minutes only. I sought to provide the exact details of his indictment. The political commentary that follows is frankly dispensable. As it is political commentary only  and is factually developed with mistaken video of Louisiana's "Kissing Congressman" McAllister.


The AP reported on Grimm's surrender to the FBI and post bail comments.  If you are like me you will find the GOP tendency to run to War  Memorial for open mic comments is a s phony as a Republican speaking openly on behalf of unemployed Americans or worse yet speaking openly in support of healthcare for all Americans.  

While Grimm's claims of impeccable morality and integrity is certainly open for interpretation. I am interested in any thoughts or comment related to Grimm's "morality and integrity."

The AP 
Grimm surrendered to FBI agents early Monday following a two-year investigation that initially focused on alleged attempts to bypass contribution limits. He pleaded not guilty through his lawyer in federal court in Brooklyn to mail, wire and tax fraud charges and was released on $400,000 bond secured by his Staten Island home. 

The Republican lawmaker, using a World War II memorial across the street from the courthouse as a backdrop, later accused prosecutors of leaking "all kinds of innuendos and accusations to support a political witch hunt" intended to "assassinate my character." He vowed to return to work in Congress while fighting the charges. 

"I know I'm a moral man, a man of integrity," he added. "And I also know I have a lot more service and leadership to provide this country, and that's exactly what I intend to do."
I will certainly not miss Grimm and his all too frequent and tea party issues laced appearances on cable news.  

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