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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Jon Stewart Excoriates!

Jon Stewart 4.2.14

You had to know it was coming. 

Jon Stewart expended 21 minutes on the current GM Congressional hearings and the fallacy that is General Motors.  I am often criticized about my lack on interest in purchasing GM automobiles or trucks.  The faulty ignition part issue provides irrefutable evidence of why the company cannot provide a vehicle for me.  I even avoid GM vehicles as rentals when I am forced to rent a vehicle.

In years past, General Motors could have performed a total recall to replace the faulty ignition units, but at what cost? A couple of non-US auto manufacturers have enacted and performed critical recalls to replace unsafe or defective autos. Toyota "pulled a GM" a few years back while avoiding the truth and avoiding expenditures in accepting an engineering and manufacturing danger in many of their vehicles.  Well, GM is on the hot seat for avoiding the ignition unit reality for over ten years.

And, sadly the world's largest auto manufacturer turned its top leadership position over to a woman to take this heat.  How 'good ol boy" disgusting!

Stewart excoriates!

Jon Stewart: GM knew faulty 57-cent auto part was killing people but said, ‘F*ck it’ (via Raw Story )
Jon Stewart pilloried the special rights enjoyed by corporations on Wednesday night’s episode of “The Daily Show.” General Motors issued a recall of more than 1.3 million vehicles this week as its new CEO, Mary Barra, testified before Congress…

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