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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Krystal Ball: "Patriot?" The Common Vernacular From The Right And The Ideal

Defining "patriot" as conservative, militia and GOP mantra. "Patriot" have become the literal "rebel yell" of American conservatism. It has also become a cloaking device for people who are anti-US government and thus are also anti-greater society. The ultimate of insult, is Right wing media adjoining, supporting and promulgating clears cases of sedition (against the federal government) while fueling dangerous levels of derangement. The recent example of Clive Bundy, as tax evader and political opportunist, shows the level of shame from [people who in the role was reversed and centered a progress kerfuffle, would scream like stuck pigs they. 

The Cycle's Krsytal Ball close today's show with a cogent exposition on the word "Patriot." Ball gracefully avoided the very analogy of the word "patriot" as stated above. In current context and via extrapolation of detective reasoning around party demographics, the word "patriot" is inherent in Americans who are white, homophobic, and Americans who consider the nations needy "takers."

And they do so with clear evidence Clive Bundy is the ultimate "taker."

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