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Monday, April 28, 2014

Limbaugh Jumps To Accuse, Swipes At Obama, But Without Facts (Again)

A national political and social truism runs a course each day. For three hours five days a week, Rush Limbaugh sits in front of his "slave" (dedicated non-moving) microphone and spews the most insane demagoguery since Glenn Beck moved back to the radio from his green board on Fox News.

Limbaugh, as a far-right propagandist has his loyal listeners and no matter his orator, they buy it. They buy it, they love it and they return for more...each and every day. It doesn't matter Limbaugh rarely if ever includes any facts with his clown show, they buy every word. When he spews overt racist comments, they buy it. When he criticizes women who stand tall for their rights and fairness he labels them "fema-nazis;" They buy it and they love it.  When he pokes fun at people who have debilitating physical challenges; they buy it and love it and eat it up. They buy it all no matter the topic and no matter the level of disgust.

After the revelations of LA Clippers owners racist tirade with his concubine lover, Limbaugh without regard for facts and probably reacting to many conservative web pages reporting Donald Sterling as Democrat contributor. Yes, and a Sterling apparently from time to time contributes money in the realm of aid to his community. so be it, but.......

The Raw Story

Rush Limbaugh: Donald Sterling smeared as racist for not giving Obama ‘enough money’ (via Raw Story )
Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh on Monday suggested that Democrats had exposed NBA basketball team owner Don Sterling as a racist because he had not given President Barack Obama “enough money.” The gossip website TMZ on Saturday posted audio…

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