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The Pardu
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

McCutheon: The US South, GOP and SCOTUS Move Towards Oligarchy

Yet, another case of a citizen from the US South coupling copulating with a conservative SCOTUS to give birth to an additional step towards pending plutocracy and oligarchy.  I so tire of watching the US South and the virtual uni-racial and evangelical leaning GOP set the social and political agenda for the nation.

Ari Melber for Chris Hayes, ALL IN and McCutheon

Bill Moyers

Yet another perspective from one who speaks it very well.

No sane person can view the landscape of the Kochs, Abelson and other outspoken oligarchs and feel their money gives them a right very much lessened for the greater population.  If you are thinking the McCutheon also works for you and me, you should seriously contemplate the "law of degrees."

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