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Monday, April 21, 2014

Medicaid Expansion: Humanity At Its Best Denied By GOP Obstruction

According to Health Reform GPS, it shows the states which have opted out of ObamaCare's medicaid expansion as of this month:

Notice anything familiar?  No?  Well compare the map above with the map below which shows the political party of each state's governor:

Now do you see the pattern?  With few exceptions (Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire), every single state that has chosen to opt out of ObamaCare's Medicaid expansion is run by a Republican governor.  And of those three (3) exceptions, Missouri, Montana and New Hampshire each have Republican-controlled state legislatures. (see both chambers of the Missouri House and Senate; both chambers of the Montana House and Senate; and the New Hampshire Senate).


Remember, the first three years of state expansion would cost the state zero dollars towards its budget and no tax burden to its residents.  After the first three years expansion would be paid by the federal government at the level of 90 percent. (See "In This Offer" midway through the inforgraphic).


how many people would medicaid expansion cover

What you have just read and observed is GOP politics at its most insensitive.

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