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Friday, April 11, 2014

Ohio As A Battle Ground Against GOP Voter Suppression

Wiki Images
Wiki Images
Norman Rockwell's rendition of the struggle!
The following video segment is critical.  Ed Schultz ran the segment last night, and it should reverberate across the nation. Of course, it won't reverberate because so many have grown nonchalant about grow GOP strategy and efforts to deny the Constitutional right to vote to African-American, Latino, certain of the elderly and college students the right to vote. Did you notice anything commonly share among the stated demographics? They are historic Democratic voting blacks. When you add collective bargaining (and public service workers) you find the full measure of Americans who are targets of GOP efforts to stifle the vote. 

Regardless of your politics, regardless of your social views, and regardless of your position in life, you have to recognize the unfairness and indecency of restricting the votes as such. Regardless of how you feel about people depicted in the video, you cannot deny, efforts to deprive of a Constitutional right is disgusting.  Do you really want a party running the nation that would resort to such underhanded and UN-American tactics?

If you follow the news and current events, you know there are a few whacked-out conservative talking heads who have stated women should not have the right to vote.  A couple of those talking heads are women

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