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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Palin At The NRA: Sad, Pathetic, Motive and International Law

Will this fifteen minutes of fame ever expire?

Palin speech at the annual NRA conference.  
Sad, Pathetic, Motive and International Law.
"Do unto others as you would not have them do unto you!"

The Effective Contractee

While developing and delivering an effective speech, it is important to know and remember. Effectiveness fits in a tight sphere. There are no "rocket science" formulas to move your speech to the level of the stratospheric that isn't already available to the speech developer. As a public speaking coach, the following list guides all of my instruction.

Even exhibitions like the "gift" Mitch McConnell offered to a fellow member of Congress as he approached his turn at the CPAC circus call event will not ensure great speech delivery. However, the prop certainly worked to place the audience in a state of mind typical among many on the political Right"...leave our guns alone."

If the speaker contracts at the six figure level, performance is not only requisite it is sine qua non (si-ni-ˌkwä-ˈnän). These basic rules and tips will ensure more contracts.

Key PointsThe Smart Speakers Deliverables
Point OnePrepare with a focus on "audience centrism." Topic, time, entertain or inform, satisfy your contract holder.

Point TwoContent focus and listener satiation.

Point Three"Audience Centrism" [WIIFM] What's In It For Me! What do they want? What do they need? What will excite? What will inform? What is the "listener take away" 

Point Four
Deliver with a flare

Point Five
Sell, Sell, sell.... Also deliver for your contract holder. They will schedule you in the future. 

Accessibility!  Make certain your demeanor and your aura fits comfortable interaction for those who will surely come-up after the speech for a handshake (always happens).  They might hold the next prospect for contract .

Now why are the six poitns relevant and worthy of the read?  I mentioned Sarah Palin above, did I not? Can you imagine where I am headed? 

Palin again spoke at the NRA annual conference and espoused and went braggadocios about international torture: water-boarding. As you read the Liberaland piece below, consider the source. Consider securing six figure speaking engagements and consider the psyche of a person who kills animals for sport and will hang a Bear trophy on a sofa.  A bear trophy on the back of a sofa! Also consider the "points" delineated above and "motive."  

As your read the following, remember water-boarding was reported to have proven unproductive in extracting key national security related information for prisoners (that the US calls detainees). KSM was water-boarded 183 times reportedly to secure a connection between 9/11 and Saddam. KSM torture (water-boarding) yielded no INTEL of value. Water-boarding 183 times fits Albert Einstein's famous quote: "Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is insane." I offer a Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld perspective: water-boarding as an exercise of power, torment and as fun.

USA Today

Senate report: Waterboarding didn't lead to Osama bin Laden

The most high-profile detainee linked to the bin Laden investigation was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the accused Sept. 11 mastermind who was waterboarded 183 times. Mohammed, intelligence officials have noted, confirmed after his 2003 capture that he knew an important al-Qaeda courier with the nom de guerre Abu Ahmed al-Kuwaiti.
The Senate report concludes such information wasn't critical, according to the aides. Mohammed only discussed al-Kuwaiti months after being water-boarded, while he was under standard interrogation, they said. And Mohammed neither acknowledged al-Kuwaiti's significance nor provided interrogators with the courier's real name.
Read more linked in title above

George W. Bush today cannot travel to certain European nations based on indictments for internal torture. Yet, Palin climbed up on the NRA stage and followed the "Key Point" script tabled above  while feeding the horde of gun-totters the "WIIFM" they so cherish. 

Sarah Palin At NRA: ‘Waterboarding Is How We Baptize Terrorists’ (via Liberaland)
So, not only is waterboarding acceptable, it is a religious rite, so that we can make terrorists into Christians. There is so much wrong with this statement, that unpacking it is a waste of time. Just on its surface it shows how a certain mindset works…

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