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Friday, April 25, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Bundy's Fifteen Minutes Of Fox News Fame, GOP, Tea Party Darlings (VIDEO)

Fox News Heroes and Right-wing darlings!
Bundy's fifteen minutes of fame; derailed by his love of the camera and his inner racist core.  His fifteen minutes doesn't surprise me in any way. What I find interesting are those who so loved him on Wednesday are now covering their faces and disavowing their hero.

I have posted two previous pieces on Bundy and his opportunist hordes.  For now, I  have posted video segments from MSNBC's Ed Show, Politics Nation, ALL In and Hardball. While their is a bit of redundancy in running the Racist's comments about African-Americans, each host provides perspective important to understanding conservative core of many Americans, its dedicated media and the phoniness of using an authentic American moocher as a hero. It is also important to know Cliven Bundy garnered "narcho-terrorist" from across the full scope of the US to what could have been a gun battle. A battle that literally pictured terrorist hiding as snipers and other anarchist speaking of placing women on the front line to be shot first.

A video gallery, if for now other reason a TPI archive for future use.  

The Ed Show

Politics Nation (poignant remarks from guest Jimmie Williams)


Bundy attempts a backtrack that is straight from the Rick Santorum "BLAH People," I did not say black people" strategy.


Steve Kornacki filling-in for Chris Matthews and guests probe Bundy like few others.  We will leave the MSNBC segments with the Hardball segment.   

Do you see the problem?  

For the person who visited the TPI this morning and left a snarky remark about "Getting their news from FOX News...." Well it is great to be a dedicated and loyal viewer and customer. It is the basis for all business in capitalist nations. But, think for a moment about your comment (left anonymously). The essence of your comment is you are paradigmed to Fox News and the stuff they feed you. And "the stuff " is a far distance from news. Bundy is the perfect example. If you need more do a TPI search using Hannity as your search tag.  Poster, how do Bundy actually leave you?  How do you feel about all of the Fox News opportunist who embraced the racist Bundy and their back-tracking now that his inner core is visible beyond insightful liberal and progressives. There is nothing emanating from Bundy that is a surprise to us. You the other hand have two options. You can feign disgust like Van Sustren. Hannity (Bundy's lover), Doocy (the ultimate of stupid) and all others, or you are by default for the lower option, much like Bundy. In either case I admire your devotion to Fox News. But, it is a far greater person who will simply admit their racism and personal disgust Vs. leaving snide "anonymous' remarks (along with you IP address, yes your IP address is captured when you leave comments).

Back on task! For those of you who want to follow Bundy through his feigning ignorance and "not have a big vocabulary" and for those who want to read how the GOP is dropping Bundy like any mention of the Affordable Care Act. GOP (new found) aversion to Bundy includes disavowing remarks from every mouth-piece who affiliated with the racist anarchist and from Reince Priebus, who watched the BLM Vs.Bundy confrontation in all quietness. Priebus adorned his "Superman suit" and spoke-out once, Bundy revealed himself and the press revealed him as a card carrying member of the GOP. "Click Me link" Surprise, surprise, surprise.......

The complete ignorance of Alex Jones via Media Matters, before the New York Times video surfaced. If you click this link, remember these radio comments took place a few hours before Bundy's underwear was exposed.  The link also has a reference that speaks to the utter ignorance of Bundy and his deep rooted racism. He comment today as follows: "Bundy also defended himself by explaining "there's a black man right in my front yard right now" as part of the militia siding with him against the government."

Does this man not realize that both the slavery laden US South, the racists of the US North and decades of Jim Crow found black men in front yards who harbor views thatr are anti-government?  We have today a few who choose to wear horse blinders regarding the party their profess to love (.e.g., Clarence Thomas, Allen West, Allen Keyes, Herman Cain, that fat guy on FOX New Business Network). Bundy need sot recognize these people as "differentiators' with a life's mission in life is to show whites, they are different than the hordes of African-Americans. 

It is important to note, Bundy pulled a Bill O'Reilly and jumped on the Thursday press conference with the very visible black man figuratively in tow. I suppose the visual was to help with the case he is making about having empathy for black people. I wonder if the back man who accompanied Bundy on the stage can reach back into his ancestry for archives about how his people were better off in slavery. Maybe he has already done so and shared the findings with Bundy, providing impetus for Bundy's racist rant. Of course, we know why the black man visited the stage with Bundy. How many times have you seen video of O'Reilly dragging (for a hefty fee) a person of color onto his set to provide validation and serves as a football game-like "color commentator" (pun intentional) for his twisted and often bigoted opine?
GOP says Bundy "over the pale." Excerpts from CNN link above....
Thursday morning, hours after The New York Times story went viral, the Nevada Democratic Party put out a statement saying "These comments are reprehensible, and every Republican politician in the state of Nevada who tried to latch on to Cliven Bundy's newfound celebrity with TEA Partiers and the militia movement should be ashamed of their actions." 
"Every Republican elected official who risked inciting violence to gain political capital out of Cliven Bundy now owes the people of Nevada an apology for their irresponsible behavior of putting their own political future ahead of the safety of Nevadans," added the Nevada Democrats. 
Some top national Republicans quickly condemned the remarks. 
Sen. Rand Paul, who originally supported Bundy's case, issued a statement Thursday morning decrying Bundy's racial comments.
"His remarks on race are offensive and I wholeheartedly disagree with him," said the Kentucky Republican, who's seriously considering a 2016 presidential run. 
GOP Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada, who earlier called his supporters "patriots", also "completely disagrees with Mr. Bundy's appalling and racist statements, and condemns them in the most strenuous way," according to his spokesperson, Chandler Smith. 
Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, who had not previously weighed in on the land dispute, said in a statement that "Bundy's comments are completely beyond the pale. Both highly offensive and 100% wrong on race."
Did you notice the insincerity of the statements? Not one can be attributed to the official who's staff issued the statements.  Wow! 

I plan to explore GOP affinity with slavery in another piece.

So, I will end now with....

" I simply wondered if the Negro was better off in slavery."  Cliven Bundy GOP and Fox News hero former hero. 

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