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Monday, April 28, 2014

The Daily GOP Ignominious: Hannity, Fox News, Bundy As Pioneer For Land-Grabbing Oligarhcs

Racism has become so mainstream it has (again) ensnared the political propaganda anti-Obama machine called Fox News.

While the issues surrounding Cliven Bundy's grazing tax evasion spans 20 years, it has apparently become a battleground objective for far-right libertarian oligarchs. Over the course of the past month, Fox News has rivaled CNN's  uninterrupted coverage of MH-370 via its coverage of BLM's efforts to assist in forcing Cliven Bundy to pay a million dollars in fines and back taxes. The rounding-up and corralling of Bundy cattle became a literal Cause Celebre for Fox News and certain GOP officials and one "wanna be president" opportunist (eg., Rand Paul).   

Media Matters developed the following graphic to illustrate the scope of Fox News coverage before his racist remarks. Notice the Hannity indicator to the far right of the graphic. 

Media Matters
Watch the last three minutes of a Fox News segment (a full 12:40 minutes) in which Fox News producers, writers and Hannity avoided deep discussion of Bundy's tax evasion.  Fox segment development appeared to use the first ten miutes of the segment as a lead into Hannity's closing remarks that embody the essence of Fox News Obama Derangement. Hannity via a camera shot developed for full impact of typical Hannity "I am DA Man" non-verbals spews, a list of Fox News issues with the Obama Administration; not one of the issues has proven to exist with any level of veracity. Yet, Hannity fed sycophants viewers who stay-up late to watch his brand of propaganda. 

The 10 minute setup is classic propaganda and craftily done, I will add.

As the week moved into Bundy's Saturday afternoon "press conference", the political landscape changed. Bundy's via discussion of his 'tax evasions' and status as a legitimate "taker", crossed the line into discussion of Latinos and African-American poor. People who live their lives with a mindset of 'privilege' over others cannot disguise their inner paradigms once the mouth opens. Bundy was no exception. Actually, Bundy appeared to have backing well beyond a simple phone call to militia for support in his tax evasion. The anti-US government (despite his frequent brandishing a US Flag) is a flaming racist who spoke about how black people may not have learned to pick cotton, thus their descendants don't know anything.

When a reporter gives and idiot a microphone idiocy cannot help but ensue. Idiocy when coupled with racism will surely lead to comments such as those from Bundy.  

Since Hannity served as "point position" in leading the Fox News Bundy campaign, the seditious talking-head host couldn't help, but state his position on Bundy's comments. He spoke of his contempt regarding Bundy's racist remarks, while continuing to exhort seditious sentiments for his audience. A more telling reality is the almost nil level of Fox News coverage of Bundy's avowed racism and associated remarks. 

A funny thing happened this past Sunday, on the way to a new week of Fox News anti-Administration broadcasts.  Someone in Fox News management must have decided to address the network's lack of coverage regarding Bundy's racist comments as it gave to Bundy as a Koch brothers functionary.  Howard (Mr. Credible... facetiously) Kurtz offered Fox News viewers criticism of his employer and their choice to shave Bundy coverage after his racially charged diarrhea.

We offer a Buzz Feed analysis of the extent to which Fox News completely avoided "reporting" on Bundy journey into his inner (racist) core.

As mentioned above, the Bundy matter has far deeper roots and fissures than a tax evading racist standing on camera with a dead calf. There are far greater issues beyond Bundy's indictment of MLK and Rosa Parks. In effort to deflect from his racist rants, the cattleman, actually suggested MLK 'is not doing his job" if "THOSE PEOPLE" cannot stand to be referred to as a "Negro."  

After a few days of Bundy as social engineer, we can rest assured the nation's top libertarian oligarchs would love to have him leave the purview of live cameras and probably would like to have the rancher simply shut-up and go away. Multiple media are reporting, Bundy may exist as the visible pimple of a Koch abscess percolating with a core nucleus of land-grabbing the US West.

Before turning the piece to American Against the Tea Party and Media Matters, I ask a question. When will the US populace grow weary of the Koch brothers and their obvious attempts to establish a US oligarchy in which they will sit as kings?


Koch Brothers Back Right-Wing Militia Terrorists in Nevada Land Dispute (via Americans Against The Tea Party)
Two affiliates of the Koch-backed group Americans for Prosperity are working overtime to promote the cause of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has made violent threats against the federal government and garnered the support of insane militiamen from…

Media Matters
The Money Behind Fox's Promotion Of Cliven Bundy's Battle With The Feds
  • BLOG ››› April 25, 2014 4:24 PM EDT ››› OLIVIA KITTEL
    Koch Brothers And Bundy
    Right-wing media have been rushing to distance themselves from the Nevada rancher they've spent weeks championing after Cliven Bundy revealed his racist worldview, but two of Bundy's biggest cheerleaders -- Sean Hannity and Fox News -- have vested corporate, financial, and political interests in the promotion of Cliven Bundy's anti-government land ownership agenda.Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy became Fox News' favorite folk hero after he refused to comply with court orders directing him to remove his trespassing cattle from public land. Hannity and many other right-wing media rallied around Bundy and his armed supporters as they threatened violence against federal law enforcement officials attempting to impound Bundy's cattle and collect the $1 million he owes in fines and fees after decades of noncompliance with the law.Bundy has said he doesn't recognize the existence of the federal government nor its authority over the land and has attacked the federal ownership of lands as subverting Nevada's "state sovereignty." Hannity has promoted Bundy's anti-government rhetoric, arguing that the federal government owns far too much land and pushing Bundy's claim that not only does the federal government not have land-ownership authority but that they don't need or use the land they claim to own. On the April 23 edition of his show, Hannity attacked the government for owning too much land, agreeing with Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano that they do not have the constitutional authority to own any of the land. Throughout the land battle, Hannity continuously argued that the government is irresponsibly fighting for land they have no intended use for -- such as building hospitals, schools, or roads -- and should focus their efforts elsewhere to rapists, murderers, criminals, and pedophiles.Bundy and Hannity's promotion of state ownership of federal lands gives airtime to an issue that conservatives have long been campaigning for but have had difficulty getting voters excited about -- an issue in line with the land  interests of the Koch brothers. Slate reported on April 23 that the Fox News corporate, financial, and political interests being served by Hannity's promotion of Bundy lie in the network's connection to the Koch brothers:
    Bundy's anti-federal agenda is closely aligned with that of Charles and David Koch, major Republican donors who have been pushing for states to gain control over federal lands - so they can be sold or leased to people like the Koch brothers in deals.
  • "Feds Turn From Landlords To Warlords": Koch Groups Back Rancher Making Violent Threats Against Federal Gov't  
  • BLOG ››› April 11, 2014 12:57 PM EDT ››› OLIVER WILLIS
    Two affiliates of the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity are helping conservative media promote the cause of a Nevada rancher who has made violent threats against the federal government. 
    Continue reading ››› 
    UPDATE: On April 25 the Huffington Post reported that after Cliven Bundy's racist tirade became public,Americans for Prosperity scrubbed several of their social media posts supporting Bundy. A Media Matters check of the links below from AFP Nevada and AFP Colorado showed that incendiary posts supporting Bundy had been removed from the Internet.

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