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Friday, April 4, 2014

The Ed Show: A Double Feature "Chatanooga VW Union Vote And Keystone XL A Personal Story"

A partnership selling used cars without
even a windshield on the car!
On February 13th 2014, Bernie Woodall Reuters, reported (along with many other media) on Republican Bob Corker's assurances that a "NO" union vote at the Chattanooga Volkswagen Assembly Plant would "assure" the probability of yer another VW  (SUV) product at the facility.  How would you vote, if you heard that from your US Senator?  While, some would question the Senator's remarks for various reasons, most assembly employees would opt for continued and longer term assembly options: JOB Security.  
Corker Wednesday April 2, 2014.... 
He said, “I’ve had conversations today and based on those am assured that should the workers vote against the UAW, Volkswagen will announce in the coming weeks that it will manufacture its new mid-size SUV here in Chattanooga.”
On February 15, 2014 Reuters reported....
The loss, 712 to 626, capped a sprint finish to a long race and was particularly surprising for UAW supporters, because Volkswagen had allowed the union access to the factory and officially stayed neutral on the vote, while other manufacturers have been hostile to organized labor.
Corker after the vote....
After Volkswagen express dismay with the union vote, my curiosity was seriously piqued.  Apparently, Volkswagen has integrated forms of collectivism production models and employee support programs into their very effective and high quality manufacturing systems. Collective bargaining is an integral part of their auto productions!  

As I recall watching the shifty and sly corker over time, I will admit to the thought he had inside information from VW. I felt he was assured by VW a "NO" United Auto Workers vote would "assure" the prospect of a new SUV assembly line (In Chattanooga, TN.).

I now stand self-chastised for underestimating he GOP/conservative mind and operating methods. Corker's assurance did not come from Volkswagen!

The following segment is a 15:08 minute run.  I know, no one has the time for such long segments. That is the very thinking that feeds the mentality that drives people to the propaganda and lies on Fox News or to the reality show segments on CNN (If one can get passed the ratings laden MH370 tragedy). If you want to know just how the GOP works, Ed Schultz adds to our pantry of garbage and malfeasance against the GOP.

Wouldn't you know it!

Feature Two 

The following segment relates to the pending developments of the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Ed traveled to the a region where the pipeline will traverse Native Original American land reported to have treaty considerations. The US has a horrid history of honoring treaties with Native American. Will President Obama fail to reverse that history and deny the pipeline's path across our western states.

This one for President Obama.

I hope the president is listening!

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