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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The McCutcheon v. FEC SCOTUS ruling: "Flip Some Seats!

The McCutcheon v. FEC SCOTUS ruling was announced today. 

Yes, the Fascist Feckless Five Con majority did lift the caps on political contributions, which is a bad thing....HOWEVER: what they DIDN'T do was to abolish the caps established on donations to single campaigns and issues. So, those caps are still in force. In other words, this is a "horizontal" decision, not a "vertical" one. The decision will allow the wealthy and big corporations to "spread out" their campaign donations to as many single politicians and issues that they want, with the caps still in place on each one. 

It has been my position for more than a year that the Fascist Feckless Five Con majority need to be impeached and removed from the Court. This can be done, but, it's going to take a huge electoral victory for Democrats in order for it to happen. Similar to as it is with impeaching and removing a President, SCOTUS justices can be, as well. It takes a simple House majority vote after a committee writes the "Articles of Impeachment". Then, a trial is held in the Senate, with at least 67 votes needed for removal. 

Right now, the Senate is 55-45 in favor of the Democrats (53 Demos and 2 Indies who caucus with the Demos). So, this November, we need to flip at least 20 House seats and at least a dozen Senate seats to get this done. 

All House seats are up for grabs while a total of 36 Senate seats are available this year: 21 Demo seats v. 15 GOP seats. It's a tough road to hoe, but it can be done..

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