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Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Young Lion Chris Hayes....Sharpen The Bite!

Yesterday, Crooks & Liars published a piece that needs attention. The piece was keyboard by a C&L writer with the moniker: Heather. Heather's work: "Dear Chris Hayes: Please Stop Legitimizing Right-Wing Nut Jobs."

Chris Hayes is one of the most intelligent, and conversant liberal cable news hosts.  He has energy and zeal common to the very young intellectual and he has the brains and commitment to humanity that works towards making a difference. MSNBC is very fortunate to have him as a prime-time evening host.  Yes, there is a "but" coming.

Over the course of the past month, the ALL In team has invited conservative guests to their camera lens.


We are certain most conservative guest hesitate to appear on the quasi-progressive network; Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell force use of the word "quasi." Maddow's handling of Rand Paul, Ed Schultz's firebrand style and O'Donnell's cerebral and DC experience perspectives seem to pose issues for potential conservative guest. Especially, when those guest virtually write and speak a message scripts at Fox News and CNN. 

A prelude to the Crooks& Liars piece.....

I so agree with what follows from Crooks & Liars. The young man has great intention, but he seems a bit reticent in deal with Right-wing mouth-pieces and machine gun orators when they go off on their lock-step, talking-points, Gist Gallup rants. Hayes allows the guest to work him into a corner and he sits there speechless with stuff like, "please don't put words in my mouth." I am certain the clock worked against Chris with his latest attempt to interview the Nevada elected official (highlighted by Crooks and Liars). If that is the case Hayes and his producers (at ear-piece reach) either should not allow them on the show or the team (especially Chris) must be more prepared to do verbal battle without regard for being nice protocol. Guest such as the two imaged above have a mission; they accept invitations to the show and they are prepared to step-on protocol to fulfill the mission. They are two things, obliging conservative functionaries and they are not nice. Why treat them as such?

If Chris Hayes isn't a bit more ready for the conservative mercenaries, he will find himself a target for conservative demagogues. Case in point; do you recall the ease with which Romney reeled President Obama in the first 2012 debate via use of the Gish Gallup debate technique. Obama handled Romney with total ease once properly prepared and filled with focus. Obama dealt with the bullying technique. Hayes must treat such guest as they treat him and his audience via denying the guest opportunity to control the dialogue.  

If one fails to deal with the bully, the bully will rule. 

Dear Chris Hayes: Please Stop Legitimizing Right-Wing Nut Jobs (via
By Heather April 18, 2014 9:34 pm - Comments Chris Hayes allows another right-wing nut to filibuster a segment, and legitimizes them by giving them air time. Dear Chris Hayes, or his producers who are booking these shows; please stop legitimizing right…

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