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Friday, April 25, 2014

Three Video Exhibitions Regarding Bundy! The Big Loser: CNN!; The Most Relevant: MSNBC'S TRMS; The Most Entertaining Jon Stewart

How does media allow itself to be used by issues managers?  
Isn't it amazing how Bundy's revelations now garners discussion of deep rooted racism, anti-US movements, Sedition, and continued surface B/S from CNN. 

I realize this is a quick digression, but I just heard a CNN host just ask a former pilot " dangerous is the situation of a passenger banging on a cockpit door." CNN, CNN, CNN.... now really. Minutes later, the host co-host segue to commercial with a teaser related to the prospect the plane landed...I suppose in the twilight zone.

OK, the point at hand: Bundy his racism, his anti-US sedition and three perspectives. 

First Jon Stewart, The Daily Show.....

See video after the break below

Now, CNN continues to seriously under estimate the relevance of credible new s coverage. Did Chris Cuomo and CNN managers and producers actually offer an avowed racist a platform to attempt to "white" wash his inner core? CNN offered little air-time to coverage of the Nevada stand-off. The issue could not break CNN obsessive and ridiculous reality TV coverage of MH-370. Why attempt to garner viewers with providing a man some consumed with ignorance and racism a man who is existentially a tax evading moocher?   

To add to the mess at CNN, the network broke the interview into segments to facilitate commercial spots! The interview included exhibition of a dead calf Bundy attributed to the US Government and the BLM Vs. his refusal to comply with US law via paying organizing taxes.  He likened himself to the civil rights struggle of MLK and Rosa Parks (and millions of Black Americans and the rest of the nation). Bundy's coaches are operating from a deck that is stacked with less than a credible argument, a bit of ignorance and attempts to cover his racism.They have no good cards to play. Then, do not play the game; SHUT UP!

As I stopped watching the CNN production, I recall a portion of Cuomo's segment in which he declared himself a friend of Sean Hannity. Friendship is an admirable thing, but do host really need to claim friendship in order to properly cover a story.  Cuomo also claimed "CNN neutrality" while exhorting to avoid broad brushing related to Bundy.  CNN is not net-net neutral.

From my perspective, Bundy is simply a nascent version of behavior and ideology we have seen from the Right. Since Barack Obama was inaugurated to this first term in 2009 the constant drone of racist remarks, images, and 'dog whistles' have emanated from the Right. CNN's continued effort to play Pontius Pilate, middle of the road (sensationalizing) broadcast cable service, is utterly ridiculous. Since, I stopped watching the CNN road show, can someone tell me if Cuomo even addressed an undercurrent of bigotry in conservative America?  He seemed to focus on the former institution of slavery and Bundy's obvious ignorance (without calling it such). There are much more serious issues associated with Bundy and conservatives who flocked to his cause.

CNN should aspire to probing issues such as Bundy's racism with serious attention to how it is griping the nation.  Frankly, Bundy's remarks mirror Paul Ryan's "inner city" remarks. Bundy's and Ryan's remarks are indicative of the inner core is a problem for the GOP: A pre-occupation with African-Americans and US "white privilege."  It is at the root of all US conservative politics and it is a dog whistle issue for people who want the US as a personal oligarchy.  Instead Cuomo opens his interview with a question he knows damned well Bundy will not answer in the affirmative.

"Are you a racist?"  

Seriously CNN, seriously Cuomo! Hell, the nations number one public racist, Pat Buchanan, would not admit to the words; why even ask?
 Behavior speaks to Bundy's racism.

If you avoided the Rachel Maddow piece above (in its entirety), you also missed critically salient points regarding Bundy and people who refuse to accept the US government.

Since Cuomo declared himself, a friend of Hannity. Maybe Cuomo can ask Hannity why he preaches sedition the next time they tip a hot toddy!

CNN.... GO deep,GO deep!

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