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Friday, May 16, 2014

American Spring March (10 to 30 Million Really!)

Sedition brews, yet we saw no signs of such under an administration that literally took the nation to the brink of an economic abyss with a Great Depression at the lowest point of the abyss. Sedition now and no mention as the last administration lied the nation into wars that cost trillions and led to the 5,000 dead US troops, ten of thousands maimed of rendered permanently disabled, many dead US contractors and hundred thousands Iraqis, and untold numbers of Afghans. Not one negative comment from these same anracho-terrorists from the Right as the Bush henchmen outed Valerie Pflame. 

They didn't even scream foul when the Bush sub-prime Bubble burst splattering misery across the world. 

Wonder why so quite under Bush's horrors, and so active and vocal under Obama?  

As the tea party has clearly turned on non far-right Republicans, what will the American Spring marchers expect or support going forward? The Right is literally gouging on itself.

The Raw Story

Operation American Spring reveals plan to dismantle Obama’s America, starting Friday (via Raw Story )
The organizers of Operation American Spring don’t really expect their demonstration to dislodge some of the nation’s top elected officials. At least, not right away. “When a large chunk of the populace is saying you’re not getting the job done…

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