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Friday, May 23, 2014

Andrew Rei, The Reid Report and Jon Stewart: VA Scandal As Nascent A Problem Baby Boomer Vets And Two Simultaneous Wars!

Friend of the TPI, Andrew Rei keyboarded a piece (comment, Op-Ed, diary, er al.) that we are posting to our front page. The piece relates to the current so-called VA Scandal, which like Meta-data monitor has a long history; but for some reason have become political issues.

Andrew's piece certainly is a stand-alone screed that truly embodies our thoughts and position. Yet, we have posted the piece sandwiched between video segments. We think the video segments are complimented and well-icing'd by the words of "A. Rei."

The Reid Report, Joy Ann Reid

Ok, kids....I've made a few comments on comment threads about the VHA (Veterans Health Administration) scandal. Here's my official position on the situation: 
As we sadly know, the GOP are Fascists. One of the "DCs" (defining characteristics) of Fascism is Supremacy of the Military/Avid Militarism. Fascist regimes use their militaries as pawns to further their Fascist agendas and ideologies. With that comes the truly sad fact that the Fascist regime doesn't hold Veterans in much regard for their service. One of the 10 Tenets of the GOP is hypocrisy. So.... 
It is projectional hypocrisy and further proof of the GOP's adherence to Fascism when the Republicans talk about their "outrage" for the VHA problems. The GOP's complicity in this scandal means that, as usual, their "outrage" about the situation is simply them trying to cover their asses for their large part in it. 
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Now, you may ask, "how are the GOP complicit in this?" Let's go back to 2001. After September 11th of that year (the 9-11 attacks), the GOP, who had control of Congress and the White House at the time, essentially TRIPLED the defense/military budget and hid some of that as "emergency spending". This move proved that the GOP are Fascists, as part of the Avid Militarism DC is that an inordinate amount of resources/money is devoted to the military. But, Fascist regimes, like the GOP, also begin cutting other programs to help pay for the bloated military/defense budget. One of the programs the GOP began to cut back then to pay for the increased defense/military budget was the VA (Veteran's Administration) budget. 
The cuts back then to the VA and other programs were relatively small compared to recent times. But, the GOP began cutting resources to those programs. However, those program cuts were put on steroids starting in January 2011, when the Teaidiots took the US House hostage and forced (or tried to force) huge spending cuts while trying to INCREASE spending of the already highly bloated defense/ military budget (again, in adherence to Fascism). BTW: one of the other program cuts the GOP House leadership forced upon us was the Embassy/Consulate Security budget of the State Department...$160 million in 2011, $330 million in 2012 (the year of the Benghazi attack) and another $140 million last year. That's the real scandal about Benghazi, the GOP trying to cover their Fascist asses, not some GOP-created "scandal" about a "cover-up". 
But, if you think the Fascist ideology behind what the GOP does with spending cuts is bad, very few people realize the WORST part about all this: the GOP's self-fulfilling prophesy that "government doesn't work". yes, it's a self-fulfilling prophesy and has been for years of the GOP that government doesn't work. Then, when these Fascist GOP bastards get elected, they go to Washington and state capitols and prove it true. The sad truth is that this is what Republican governance looks like, people. They're not interested in governing...what they're interested in is carrying out the orders of and prosecuting the ideology of their greedy and Fascist wealthy and big corporate masters. The masters of the GOP don't give a shit about anyone or anything other than themselves and their Fascist ideology. This is one of the several reasons it's a factual statement when I call the GOP Cons "psychopaths". Psychopaths tend to not give a shit about anyone else. Another Tenet of the GOP is insanity. Psychopaths are insane. But, because psychopaths are highly intelligent, they're much more dangerous that sociopaths. And sociopaths are dangerous enough already. 
So, when the Fascist GOP psychopaths rail against the "scandals" of their own creation, remember their pathetic projectional hypocrisy and vote accordingly this November. This Non-Affiliated voter still strongly recommends that all voting-eligible Americans go to the polls this November and vote for Democrats. Yet another sad fact about the current political climate is that the Democratic Party represent the SIGNIFICANT lesser of two (or more) evils. To suggest anything else proves that those suggesting that "both parties are the same" are simply parroting one of the most dangerous talking points around: False Equivalency.....
The Daily Show's Jon Stewart

A political maneuvering and politicking aside, let's fix the damned problem. As a veteran I was caught-up in the less than public restructuring of past promises to Vets when Bush change the game in 2003.

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