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Monday, May 12, 2014

Ann Coulter Again Visits The "Pig-Pen" ; At The Expense of Kidnapped Children!

Do you recall one of my favorite and most shared parenting lessons?

"When you wallow with a pig, the animal loves you. First, the pig is excited about your wallowing in his (her) pig pen. And now you (also) stink!

 Happy Pig Mud Happy pig wallowing. Happy Pig Mud The pigs are now housed in Happy Pig Mud Happiness is a pig in mud.

I work hard to avoid coverage of Ann Coulter. She is the epitome of Far-Right Wing nut job and one who does great harm to what was once a valid state of conservatism that was core to the GOP. You may even recall that I will provide moderate criticism of the meandering drivel of Sarah Palin, and the fantasy world lies of Michelle Bachmann, the complete idiocy of Allen West and often comment about the chameleon Rand Paul. You do not and will not find many references to Coulter on this webpage. We try to maintain some semblance of decency on the TPI. Coulter coverage would draw us far too close to the pig pen images posted above.

Coulter's nascent visit to the pig pen drew a few noted Right-wing nut jobs and far too many Re-Tweets and Tweeter "Favorites."  Coulter seemed to have taken exception to these images in response to the heinous kidnapping of 276 young girls in Nigeria. 

What is it about the kidnappings in Nigeria could possible proved "pig pen" opportunity for Coulter and friends? What is it about GOP governance could Coulter and friends even remotely relish. We will avoid the list of reasons sane Americans look back at years 2000 - 2008 with much contempt and disdain. The information is readily available and our purpose in the screed is not to rehash information easily secured via a Google search.

Talking Points Memo is reporting Coulter's foray into the pig pen didn't garner the support she so desired. Yes, as stated above a few well known "for hire conservative mouthpieces" joined Coulter in the pen. The usual suspects like Red State's Erick Erickson and Conservative radio host Thomas Purcell (via TPM) joined in the disgust. 


“Used with permission from the TPM websites, a service of TPM Media LLC."


How much of a Luddite can Coulter be to fail to realize her message would be Photo-shopped like no other in 2014? The full measure of photo -shopped remakes is available via TPM (liken above). 

I must offer one example that speaks volumes.

View image on Twitter

LOL RT Thx2"@mch7576: RT @fullofbalogna @CletisStump @Kalaax008 What Coulter does for a 'living'." &

There are more via TPM.

What a truly disgusting life is that of Coulter.  

Another one of those parenting lessons, "If the fool keeps his mouth closed, he will never be discovered the fool!"

Do I smell a pig pen?

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