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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Brian Sullivan, Morning Joe Show and Contempt For The GOP

Morning Joe Show, MSNBC May 13, 2014                                                                                                                                                               "I don't know who the Republican Party is anymore. I don't know if the Republican Party knows who the Republican -- because it's not a party, unfortunately Republicans, that I can get on board with," he said. "Because I don't like the small-minded attitude, a lot of the far right stuff that comes out -- I should go home now." CNBS's Brian Sullivan. A Republican who abhors his GOP!
While I ceased watching Morning Joe years ago, I have to post a short clip from this morning's show. A clip that is floating around the Internet (where I ran across the clip) and well it should.

Apparently, producers of the conservative show managed to reach conservative viewers this morning with a segment on ......You guessed it, "BENGHAZI."  

The show cast included Nicole Wallace of John McCain/Plain campaign fame, Mark (Mr. Conservative) Halperin, Donny Deutsch, Eugene Robinson, Chuck (I Lean Conservative) Todd, and various other politically mixed guests.  

As Deutsch completed a statement about the true relevance of Benghazi, the predictable happens. Mr. conservative, Halperin, asked a question only a short-sighted  conservative could ask:  "Would you feel same if it were Bush?"  Why would anyone bring-up George W. Bush regarding any matters of state. Halperin invokes Bush, when the world knows Bush ignored much, faked more and was generally a political mess. Desptie Halperin's affinity for the GOP, he should think long an hard for credible "comebacks" vs. silly retort slaps with the equivalence of naked air: "Bush." A quick look at other cases of embassy deaths that garnered no reaction comparable to disparaging innuendo of the White House.

We like this quote from a friend of the TPI:
Know someone with Benghazi Tourettes? Make them name the four Americans killed off the top of their heads. If they can do that, make them name the 241 that died in Beirut, the 104 that died in embassy attacks during Bush's presidency, the 2977 who died on 9/11, and the 4488 who died in the Iraq War. Friend of the TPI Jeremy Huff (May 2014)

For those who prefer graphic comparative illustration: (5 memorable graphics with a humorous facetious touch)

Of course, the nascent resurrection of Benghazi is based in White House staffer Ben Rhodes, recent Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) release of an email. The email, excuse the vernacular, induced a major "...this is all we have" libido reaction from the male dominated GOP. 

The failure to previously release the email was outright stupid, but hardly a national issue. I agree with Deutsch. The general public is not clamoring for another round of Bengahzi hunting from a party that has no viable options regarding issues of national importance. A party that is clearly grabbing for straws as it drowns in its Paleozoic Era 3Ps (paradigm, policy and practice).

CNBC's Brian Sullivan, a major Obama administration hater, disagreed with Deutsch, and proceeded on a poignant rant about his Republican party. His rant is both germane and accurate. Sadly, the Sullivan, the financial guy, fails to realize his party leaders (the Koch brothers, Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity and Fox News et al.) have transformed his party into a seething witches brew of hate, misogyny and social intolerance. Fiscal conservatism is no longer part of the Venn diagram of US conservatism. In fact, the party doesn't even practice fiscal conservatism as a governing deliverable. GOP fiscal conservatism was buried in January 1981 when Ronald Reagan became president with "trickle-down/supply side" economics in his bags of tricks. 

Almost time for the Sullivan rant, but let's take a moment for another MSNBC rant.

Before we get to this morning's MSNBC "lost it" checkout this "lost it " from former MSNBC host Dylan RatiganRatigan was completely phony and obviously profiling for the camera and facilitating his recently released book. What a joke! 

The Sullivan rant was far more effective (shorter, specifically focused, accurate and timely and without book sales as a motive).    Here it is.....

Maybe, if more conservatives spoke openly about their party, sensible conservatives might stand against the devolving state of the GOP.  The party has been hijacked by the social bigots and racist, the party spends as if the US Treasury is a broken slot machine, the party longs for war, and via its actions cares nothing for Americans who are less economical fortunate.  All the while speaking false mantra about fiscal conservatism.

Time for another Parduism.

"Words can be used to mislead, actions are the true measure of the person."

Yet, you flock to your voting place each and every election and cast a vote against social progress.  All the while casting your national well-being and economic security into a basket of Koch plutocracy. 

I would be seriously remiss if I did not end with a word about Mark Halperin. MSNBC's Morning Joe Show offers flagship conservative programming, comment and propagandizing. Yet, the viewer shouldn't be forced to hear and see Fox News like shallow (does not hold water) retort analogies via invocation of George W. Bush. 

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