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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cenk Uygur Boils Over

US Embassy and Consulate (attacks)history since 1980.....

Benghazi continues to boil-over as a political issue and the pressure points are not all from the Right. If the GOP was grounded in any viable political base beyond providing protection for the nation's wealthy, Benghazi would be a non-issue.

Liberals Unite's via "The Bear" published a piece with video of "The Young Turks" Cenk Uygur boil-over at political malfeasance from the Right.

As you watch and listen to Uygur, think about the meme's posted above. And think about your vote for a party that has nothing viable towards moving the nation forward. They offer only Koch brothers approved policy accompanied by practices that ignore the poor and temporary down-trodden (the unemployed) and a party that without questions nurtures idioms that are anti-minority and anti-women's rights. 

Can we one day soon get to some real issues that improve life for the majority of Americans? The GOP is "chasing the dragon" And needs to put itself through rehab.

Liberal's Unite
Author: Liberals Unite or Samuel Wynn Warde

Cenk Uygur Totally Loses It On-Air About Benghazi, And You’ll Love It

The Young Turks got to talking a bit about Benghazi, and I’ve never seen a commentator just lay it out like this. It really does sum up what the Benghazi hearings are and have been: “It’s a f*cking political clown show…pack a bunch of clowns into a car, and roll that in.”
As he warms up in the rant, he really gets some zingers in:

“Get the f*ck out of here with Benghazi. It’s a tiny little f*cking thing, man.” A bit later, at about 4:29, “How about the nearly 3000 people who died under your f*cking watch? Why don’t we do goddamn hearings?” And at 5:00, “F*ck you. Move the f*ck on!”

And finally, he talks about the clown car show that this is. No, really.
Absolutely perfect. Watch:

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