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Friday, May 23, 2014

Chris Hayes Invites Fox News Regular And GOP Black "Differentiator" To Discuss Latino Declaring Race

As I watched last night's ALL-In with Chris Hayes, a couple of segments stand out. First, Hayes has been hitting on all cylinders with segment topics, guest and dialogue. I even see a greater propensity to professionally and civilly retort to guest when they attempt to pull a Gish Gallop "take over the on-camera segment" technique. An ability and inclination to do so is important as a show host, since he previously stated "listening to his guest and learning" is really important via his own words.  Hayes exhibits an admirable trait, despite my continued lack of understanding how sitting quietly and sheepishly while conservatives sit and rail through the valuable minutes (sometimes boisterously) spewing Right-wing noise befuddles me.  

The perfect example. In the following segment, after Hayes made decisive points against his guest, you can see the wheels rolling with conjuring-up a "Gish Gallop" replete with Jerry Springer Show like delivery. 

Watch conservative derangement when pushed into an intellectual corner.

Last night's show was particularly interesting as Hayes secured a guest who for me is troubling, troublesome and troubled. I say interesting, but I do not find a salient reason for the segment: "Changing Your Race." What actually was the point? Yet, I stand by my word "interesting" for a reason. Chris Hayes was joined by Dr. Ben Carson, Heather McGhee and Telemundo’s Jose Diaz-Balart (and new morning show host at MSNBC).  

My specific interest is, "In what world does people like Ben Carson live as denizens?" The proud conservative clearly seems to carry himself with an air of blind elitism uncharacteristic of most African-Americans who claim the GOP. Before I go on, I will say that I have yet to hear or see an African-American conservative readily use the commonly accepted vernacular of "African-American." For some quirky reason the 3 to 4% of black people who claim the GOP strategically avoid the vernacular with a preference for "Black."  "The Black Conservative!"  Yes, a sterling exhibit of black people among the Paleozoic Era GOP. A party that refuses to move into the future. African-American conservatives truly are people who strive to differentiate themselves from the 96% of the African-American community who see and know the GOP for what it is, a homeland for the 92% predominately male party who wish to shape American in its likeness. 

Carson seems completely oblivious to points from all present in the show segment. While, the discussion was a bit perplexing regarding reason for choosing the topic et al., Carson seemed stuck on his personal paradigm without any regard for others who do not live within his personal paradigm.  

The first 2:42 minutes of the segment is relevant as Hayes 'teases' the commercial break, so I have embedded that segment also. The second segment has a completely zany first 1:40 seconds; I advise skipping to minute mark 1:41 and watch/listen closely. (the Intro segment) 

I realize Carson is a credible Neuro Surgeon. I suspect the vast majority of physicians who accept the responsibility for surgically entering the human body for remedial measures find innards organs that are the same of similar without regard for the patients outer skin.  OK, " I got that."  But, I fail to even remotely understand his responses to questions from Hayes, points from Heather McGhee, and cogent examples from Jose Diaz-Balart. In fact,  Diaz-Balart made a point about  (paraphrased) "Once the good doctors sews up his patients the real world of the minority returns. How could the good doctor live so deeply in a personal paradigm he could not see that response at the forefront of what would come as a retort? The only area for the more rational person would be who sitting on camera would respond as did Dias-Balart. It is almost like the boxer who comes to the fight without even basic understanding he or she must keep their hands-up! The right handed fighter who keeps the left hand low reminds me of Carson's feeble attempt to show he is color blind and gets decked by Diaz-Balart.
Carson, as I eluded to above, is the classic "differentiator." He joins a list of African-Americans who claim and hold dear US conservatism and its political manifestation The GOP and splinter groups.  "They are dogmatic in appearing as "anti-members" of the American black community. They "differentiate" and some seem to go out of their way to label themselves as "differentiator" without use of the word. Cain with Piers Morgan  HLNTV
  • Cain says he prefers to think of himself as a 'black American'
  • Says the term 'African-American' is 'going back too far'

“Because as I trace my roots back in this country, the majority of my roots -- the ones that were more meaningful to me -- were the slaves that were my foreparents, my forefathers,” Cain said. 
“And so I identify as a black American more so than an African-American. Yes, many of the slaves came from Africa, but my heritage is mostly here in the United States -- the country went through slavery, we went through the Civil Rights movement, so I prefer the term 'black American' rather than 'African-American.' That’s going back too far,” he explained.
Cain and Carson have every right to their preferences. But, often their paradigm leads to pure minstrel acts that when viewed in retrospect gives then an air of foolishness. Cain on Black People are brainwashed (after effect). He says 85% of black people are brainwashed towards the Democrat Party, and in the next breathe he states a large percentage around coming around. Did I hear a dichotomy or a person tongue twisted in his own minstrel acts? 

Minstrel acts do not work with conservative America (once the laughter stops). Not only did the African-American voter cast votes against the GOP at the level of 96 percent, Cains as "differentiator" fails on another realm. Differentiation also doesn't work in another key area. Despite high octane minstrel-mania from Cain, he spoke on Fox News about RNC branding. Branding that did not include the name of a black person on a key letter across the party.  While Cain criticized African-American for majority support to the Democrats as "brainwashed," it really didn't take very long to get that GOP smack in the face. He labels GOP bias (to keep it civil) and social reality as a "branding problem."  After all of the "differentiation" from the black community his party shows Cain and neo-model Carlson their place. The salient point for Cain and Carlson?  
They are aligned with a political party social ideology that is 92% white for a reason.  
They strive to assimilate, but they fight an inner battle they cannot win.  
They ignore overt racism from the Right as if it is a one-off occurrence despite weekly manifestations.
They ignore racial nuance in party politics (e.g., BLAH People, "They don't ask Ann and me for our birth certificates").
They ignore GOP voter suppression. 
They somehow cannot grasp the GOP will not accept a black nominee on the topic of the presidential ticket for many years.  
Carson may not notice differences in brain tissue from surgery patient to surgery patient, but we can rest assured his party recognizes his "difference."

Last point. 

I am certain Carlson was profiling to sell his book. When hawking a book, one has to be careful to appeal people as potential purchasers of his book. 

Carlson added absolutely nothing to the dialogue. What was the significance the ALL-In segment? The point simply escapes me.

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