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Sunday, May 18, 2014

David Edwards, The Raw Story Captures Sunday Morning Blues Via The GOP And Nationanl Networks

David Edwards, The Raw Story, had a busy morning with the GOP Sunday Morning Talk shows.  It truly is shameful the extent to which three major networks (and as expected Fox News) have transformed the former Sunday news traditions into GOP "raggamuffin" political platforms. 

Dick who? Booking the likes of Dick Cheney on televisions shows to speak about international conflict and decisions with war as a side-bar is as ridiculous as asking Dracula about the cleanliness off biting his victims neck. Seriously, Sunday morning news shows?

Dick Cheney wants Hillary Clinton ‘held accountable’ for Benghazi terror attacks (via Raw Story )
Dick Cheney, the former vice president who was in office during the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001 and later pushed the country into war with Iraq based on faulty intelligence, said on Sunday that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would…

Ben Carson: New GOP black intellectual "differentiator" and his time on the GOP Sunday Morning TV Shows. "differentiator".... "Oh,look at me I am so different from those people."

Ben Carson: ‘Anything is slavery that robs you’ like ‘neo-Marxist’ Obamacare (via Raw Story )

Conservative darling Dr. Ben Carson on Sunday defended comparing President Barack Obama’s health care law to slavery by insisting that “anything is slavery that robs your of your ability to control your own life.” Speaking to the Values Voter…

Karl Rove and his political 'dirty tricks' against Hillary Clinton.

Karl Rove shocks Fox News panel by doubling down on Hillary’s ‘brain injury’ (via Raw Story )

Republican strategist Karl Rove stunned Fox News panelists on Sunday when he refused to stop suggesting that Hillary Clinton had a “brain injury” even after his own party had shunned him for the personal attack. On Fox News Sunday, Fox News contributor…

Tucker Carlson accepts "white privilege" and offers a form of rationalization!

Tucker Carlson: Pointing out my ‘white privilege’ is a ‘racist attack’ (via Raw Story )
Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Sunday said that liberals were making a “racist attack” by pointing out that “white privilege” exists in America. During an interview on Fox News, Carlson noted that conservative columnist Kurt Schlichter had…

David Edwards
David Edwards
David Edwards has served as an editor at Raw Story since 2006. His work can also be found at Crooks & Liars, and he's also been published at The BRAD BLOG. He came to Raw Story after working as a network manager for the state of North Carolina and as as engineer developing enterprise resource planning software. Follow him on Twitter at @DavidEdwards.

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