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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

GOP Voter ID Laws: Political Operative Strategy and Egregious As It Gets

The GOP realized in 2000 the political effectiveness of restricting the state and national voting blocs. In 2004, Jeb Bush tried to work the restrictive practices again, but was backed-down. Florida Governor Rick Scott took -up the strategy once he ascended to the Governor's mansion. 

Rolling Stone 2012
........Back in 2000, 12,000 eligible voters – a number twenty-two times larger than George W. Bush’s 537 vote triumph over Al Gore – were wrongly identified as convicted felons and purged from the voting rolls in Florida, according to the Brennan Center for Justice. African Americans, who favored Gore over Bush by 86 points, accounted for 11 percent of the state’s electorate but 41 percent of those purged. Jeb Bush attempted a repeat performance in 2004 to help his brother win reelection but was forced to back off in the face of a public outcry. Yet with another close election looming, Florida Republicans have returned to their voter-scrubbing ways. 
The latest purge comes on the heels of a trio of new voting restrictions passed by Florida Republicans last year, disenfranchising 100,000 previously eligible ex-felons who'd been granted the right to vote under GOP Governor Charlie Crist in 2008; shutting down non-partisan voter registration drives; and cutting back on early voting. The measures, the effect of which will be to depress Democratic turnout in November, are similar to voting curbs passed by Republicans in more than a dozen states, on the bogus pretext of combating "voter fraud" but with the very deliberate goal of shaping the electorate to the GOP's advantage before a single vote has been cast. 
Florida Republicans have taken voter suppression to a brazen extreme. After the 2010 election, Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, instructed Secretary of State Ken Browning to compile a massive database of alleged "non-citizen" voters. Browning resigned in February rather than implement Scott’s plan, saying "we were not confident enough about the information for this secretary to hang his hat on it."

Shaving the rolls of eligible voters disproportionately affects voting blocs that historical vote Democrat. In many states, showing a driver license is sufficient for validation of the voters when matched with rosters of registered voters. You ask what is the problem? In states where new and more restrictive forms of ID have been enacted, many are less able to secure the ID and in some cases GOP governors via election boards are actually closing voting places and reducing available voting time periods. 

In 2012, MSNBC broadcast a graphic that shows the extent to which GOP voter non-restriction potential affect voting demographic groups. 

The graphic denotes clear 'privilege' for those who may show a propensity to vote for republican candidates. The privilege of being a NON-target of GOP malfeasance.  The GOP will counter my assertion of malfeasance with 'lock-step' to the person comment about, "maintaining the integrity of the election process." 

If you do not appreciate use of the word "malfeasance," take a 2:32 minute review of a YouTube video about the reality of voter fraud as folly and  GOP strategy.

Voter ID Laws: Fake Solution to a Fake Problem

Voter fraud is a non-issue. In fact, as we approached voter tallies in 2008 and 2012, I recall more reports of Republican voter fraud and corruption than any demographic posted in the MSNBC graphic above. 

Roxanne Rubin, Nevada Republican, Accepts Plea Deal After

 Committing Voter Fraud

Roxanne Rubin arrested (video)
Colin Small Voter Registration
Colin Small Charges dropped after witness reported Small discarded voter registration forms.
I have yet to see or hear of an arrest of anyone with identifiers indicating Democrat or Independent after perpetrating voter fraud.  The fraud seems to be a GOP 'thing."
If you consider yourself an American, and do not find fault in GOP efforts to deprive the vote to non-Republican voting blocs, you should evaluate your true commitment to the spirit of the nation.
President Obama recently spoke about the unfairness and unconstitutional nature of a party that would strive to deprive the vote to large swaths of the nation. Skip to 6:36 minute mark for (GOP) voter Id speech remarks
The president's message is irrefutable. Since, some of you have grown away from the spirit of President Obama, there are other factors related to Voter ID Laws that affects each of us via fiscal and budget issues during times of tight funds to run our government and community services.
Take a look at the thirty five states that have indicated interest in or taken measures to enact Voter ID Laws.
The GOP has wasted $80 plus million of frivolous repeal ObamaCare votes, Ted Cruz lead his party through a $24 billion dollar hit in shutting down the US government, GOP obstruction led to the S&P downgrade of the US credit rating. If Voter ID Laws, are not countered, you and I will spend even more as we are forced to deal with GOP fiscal callousness and political malfeasance. As most know and those on the fence have to suspect, voter ID Laws as GOP strategy is a direct attack against the black and Latino vote. The black vote appears a major concern for the party on the Right, since 94% of African-Americans who vote, vote for Democrats. Unfortunately, the GOP is laden with the fact other minorities generally do not cast favorable votes.
Well, if 72 to 75% of US citizens are white, why would the GOP target non-white, specifically black, voters? The answer is as obvious as it gets.  Most white Americans do not support GOP policy and practice. According to a Boston Globe 2012 exit poll survey indicated the GOP lost more of the white vote then it received in 2008.
The numbers tell a dire story that has to have led to behind closed door strategy to restrict the black and Latino vote.  Since, the black vote is at the level of 94% against the GOP, it doesn't take much deduction to come to the conclusions, yes the GOP wants to restrict and reduce the African-American vote.
If my deductive process seems outside of your paradigm of acceptance, a 2012 study from the University of Delaware lays the issue open for deeper interpretation.
The study was conducted among 906 telephone respondents from May 20th, 2012 - June 6th, 2012. The study findings left its researchers with the stark reality there is high support for Voter ID Laws among people who harbor resentment of and negative attitudes towards African-Americans. 
The GOP is a party that has a 92% white membership. A statistic that speaks volumes about conservative social ideology and places the following study information in clear perspective.
We have linked a the short article, here
The article is a good read, and provides a bit of background in a couple of areas. First, the GOP has successfully propagandized its supporters to the false claim of voter fraud. People who live politically and socially on of the Right are as "lock-step" on dogma as their media leaders and their elected officials. I place Right-wing media in the first position as GOP elected officials often appear to follow the lead of people who are so far right they appear comical (Limbaugh, Beck and Fox News et al.) The study is a call-to-action for Justice Department officials. Each and every effort to incorporate Voter ID Laws (couple with restricting voting hours and closing voting places) should receive deep scrutiny and count-measures. The study also, in another sense, makes folly of SCOTUS rulings that reach into issues of voting rights.  President Obama's remarks last month will go down in US history as a critical issues as the United States moves through the early years of the 21st Century. The fact a US president has to have archived comments related to a right for all eligible citizens and a right formerly supported by past (pre-Roberts Court) fair and balanced SCOTUS, is shameful.  For you and me, it is sad to have GOP political (trickster and strategy) operatives shape our lives as we are seeing with each passing day. To illustrate my point, and certainly not related to Voter ID strategy, think of how Karl Rove's inane assertions of Hillary Clinton's former concussion shaped the Sunday morning new shows last Sunday. A political operative who served along with George W. Bush for eight full years, shapes of political dialogue.

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