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The Pardu
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Sunday, May 4, 2014

"I Almost Shot That Dingiling..."

What we have a confluence of the seamy, the irrational and the gun-totting dangerous epoxied with All American hero tax evasion and an undercurrent of racism.

"Let me tell you what I know abut the Negro."


And what's to come should surprise no one really. But, of course Fox News might relish in what you are about to see and read.

When the Hyena and The Plains Vulture meet at the carcass, only one can feast.

Militiamen And Oath Keepers Drew Weapons, Threatened To Kill Each Other (via
By David Neiwert May 3, 2014 8:00 am - Comments The situation at the Bundy Ranch, where armed militiamen and “Patriots” are camped out, has deteriorated so badly that competing factions apparently drew weapons on one another during heated arguments…

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