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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Karl Rove and Fox News Double-down on alleged Hillary Clinton "Brain Injury"

Karl Rove has a history as a GOP Political operative. Rove has to be the catalyst behind Rand Paul's School of Deception, mis-information and lies. We cannot lay Paul's penchant for plagiarizing borrowing material from others and passing it off as his work to Karl RovePaul's deep rooted problem with ethics and personal credibility shortcoming probably preceded his Tea Party election to the Senate. But, Paul is a student and protege of the GOP's 'fruitful liar' Karl Rove. 

Rand Paul to a group of medical students.

The Economic Policy Journal (EPJ) October 2013

The National Journal reports:
Rand Paul was talking with University of Louisville medical students when one of them tossed him a softball. "The majority of med students here today have a comprehensive exam tomorrow. I'm just wondering if you have any last-minute advice."(Steve Brodner)

"Actually, I do," said the ophthalmologist-turned-senator, who stays sharp (and keeps his license) by doing pro bono eye surgeries during congressional breaks. "I never, ever cheated. I don't condone cheating. But I would sometimes spread misinformation. This is a great tactic. Misinformation can be very important."

He went on to describe studying for a pathology test with friends in the library. "We spread the rumor that we knew what was on the test and it was definitely going to be all about the liver," he said. "We tried to trick all of our competing students into over-studying for the liver" and not studying much else.

"So, that's my advice," he concluded. "Misinformation works."

Rove on Obama's spending via Politics Nation,  2012 (1:42 MINUTES)

Misinformation, politicking and the life of the GOP operative.

Obviously, Fox News has "Misinformation Works" as a core vision and operational model (The Five and Shabby video editing) as the network serves as a formidable media outlet for conservative America. For some Americans misinformation is not only a "truism" it is important to their social and political paradigm. But, let's avoid deep digression into Fox News and stay on task.

While Politifact awarded President Obama "Lie Of The Year" in 2013, the following linked pages address overwhelming depth and scope of "Pants on Fire" lies. The vast majority are from Republicans.
 Of course, you will see Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC Chair, Obama and other Democrats in a couple of instances, the party on the Left is scarcely represented in the 14 pages of "Pants on Fire" Badges. 

This morning Fox News programming included the ever-present Rove continuing his campaign against an undeclared 2016 presidential candidate. The Rove and Fox News mission is clear: malign Hillary Clinton to the point of inducing a personal aversion to running for the presidency.

Two points about Rove, before the following reading entree from The Raw Story
If you were paid millions to serve as a political operative, would you restrict your communication to facts only? Now, consider a famous quote often used by the Father of Modern Conservatism: Ronald Reagan. "Facts are pesky things." Facts are not an ally of US conservatism its political parties the GOP and its Libertarian party cousin. The answer to the question. "No, you would serve as Karl Rove serves." 

The second point is a bit personal. Do you believe anything that comes out of Rove's mouth? I realize the answer to the question will reach into your social and political paradigm, but work with me a second. Do you consider Karl Rove a viable bringer of and "carnival barker" of facts? The answer for some of you will be like this; so we understand. You don't want to answer the question because the answer places your political paradigm and thoughts of Rove's messages in that part of your brain that houses aversion or "...don't make me do this."

The Raw Story

Karl Rove shocks Fox News panel by doubling down on Hillary’s ‘brain injury’ (via Raw Story )
Republican strategist Karl Rove stunned Fox News panelists on Sunday when he refused to stop suggesting that Hillary Clinton had a “brain injury” even after his own party had shunned him for the personal attack. On Fox News Sunday, Fox News contributor…

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