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Monday, May 26, 2014

Megyn Kelly Follows James O'Keefe To The Wood Shed!

You and me are aware of the Fox News mission: Provide media support for GOP obstruction against the administration, nurture and facilitate an undercurrent of white privilege and provide fodder for Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS).

Fox News evening show host are the kings and queens of right-wing propaganda and social divisiveness. They actually rival Rush Limbaugh as GOP ideology leaders. Bill O'Reilly, Megyn Kelly and the recently re-time slotted Sean Hannity ideology leaders never miss an opportunity.

Let's focus for a few minutes on a Fox News host who is rapidly developing into a propagandist of the highest order. Megyn Kelly will say anything, pass-on any lie, and feed viewers who long for validation of white privilege almost equal to O'Reilly. I have posted a recent segment from "The Kelly File," but first let's revisit Kelly's credibility and service to Fox News and its viewers.

O'Reilly guides the accommodating Kelly through a disgusting depiction of pepper-sprayed protesters. Kelly actually commented "pepper-spray is basically a food product."

Kelly on December 12, 2013, sat with a panel of white guest and took Fox News racism and white privilege to a level comparable to a filthy street gutter: "white Santa, white Jesus."

After taking the next business day off and after spanning a weekend, Fox New managers, producers and writers sent Kelly back before the camera with as the most asinine response to flake associated with "white Santa." The first and most ridiculous is Kelly feigning "kids" among her viewers. The show runs at 10:00PM Eastern Time; it is also probably not preferred viewing for kids who cherish the thoughts of Santa Claus. 

Kelly and Fox News staff attempted to lay their "red meat" to the "white Santa" viewers via claiming "lighted heartedness." Yet, the ultimate of insult to anyone who is not a Fox New sycophant, was Kelly's brazen declaration of "the powerful Fox News!"

The Kelly response was in many ways more vile than her racist proclamation just before Christmas Day 2013. "The powerful Fox News!" Joseph Goebbels Ministry of Communication was also "all powerful." We considered reprehensible Kelly and Fox News management's decision to avoid the frequently used Sean Hannity's apology for using false information.

Alas cloning Hannity's all too frequent 'fess-ups' would have left Fox News bare to its writhing viewers. And, that of course, would have been unacceptable. "kids watching a news show at 10:00PM, false humor and "all powerful" proclamation much better fit the business model of the propagandists.

Fox News never ceases with its exhibition of pure ineptitude and failure to vet stories. One would think before airing video from one James O'Keefe, Fox would ask a few more questions. Of course, I supposition Fox News cares about veracity and credibility before its support role to the GOP and conservative America.

" O'Keefe and the "Welfare Pimp" crew
Scantily clad Giles admitted lies, here.
O'Keefe and crew (mug shots) after caught attempting to plant a "bug in Mary Landrieu's (D) LA.  Office

Both Giles and O'Keefe later admitted to lying, false representation of his "pimp and hooker" routine and in 2013 settled with a victim of their ruse. The victim was fired from his job with ACORN. While O'Keefe past escapades are secondary to to what's to come below, we offer a contrast from Fox News and O'Keefe: Rachel Maddow revealing O'Keefe never appeared as a pimp with hooker in tow.

Last week Megyn Kelly excitedly fed her viewers pure red meat bundled in yet another James O'Keefe operation.  I have a hard time not believing Fox News doesn't pay O'Keefe for his surreptitious escapades.

Now for the real story from a potential victim of the prank call. A story from an intellectual and evidence of Fox News as a cesspool of false information and propaganda.

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