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Thursday, May 29, 2014

MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Explores Snowden: A Dangerous Traitor

"I don't want to live in a society that does these sort of things … I do not want to live in a world where everything I do and say is recorded. That is not something I am willing to support or live under." Edward Snowden.  

Andrea Mitchell explores Edward Snowden's visit with NBC Nightly News's, Brian Williams.  Allow me to state before I go on, "It is a shame Rachel Maddow or Lawrence O'Donnell did not conduct the interview with a person I strongly consider an agent of espionage."

The business of asking people, "Are you a spy?" is comparable to Chirs Cuomo, CNN NewDay, asking a Cliven Bundy or Anderson Cooper asking Donald Sterling, if they are racist. Does the interviewer really expect an answer in the affirmative? We can actually look beyond the high school journalism nature of the question while focusing on real issues related to Bundy and Sterling's obvious racism.  Williams as the highest paid network news evening host really could probe beyond such baseline non-answer questions. Questions that leaves the impression Snowden might have insisted on pre-agreed upon questions. 

The traitor has irrefutably damaged US INTEL capability possibly for decades.  We will get back to that point after a few video snippets of "This morning with Snowden." Our snippets are from Mitchell's show. we have as much interest in the NBC's (ratings garnering) one hour Snowden broadcast as we have in a back-jaw molar removal (without Novocaine).

Let's start with Mitchell's seconds long intro to Snowden. She leaves-off a very critical aspect of Snowden we only find in Internet articles or print media. Snowden was a high school dropout!  OK, we will not dwell there as we all know people who for various reason did not finish high school. Our intent is not to disparage. Much more relevant is his core make-up which continued to develop long after he dropped out of high school. Wonder, if he ever secured a GED diploma? I also wonder if he has ever admitted failure to finish high school on the job applications he completed prior to hire with US INTEL agencies.

Mitchell  I

I am guessing once the forgiving US allows the traitor back into the US, and he keyboards his $Million dollar best seller, he might explain his lack of formal education. 
Mitchell II 

OK, now are people really so naive to buy into Snowden's sophism? "After one year grave." I ask that you follow me along for a minute or two. Does the young libertarian not realize that Custer fell to Sitting Bull, Gall. and Crazy Horse in a major way based on his Native American scouts reports of 800 fighters in the combined Lakota encamped nation they intended to push around? The actual number of warriors was 1800 hundred with many young Bonsai types bound to die for their cause.  

Short-term sophism shrouding long-term danger is typical US conservative.  INTEL is a nation protector or killer, and INTEL often I supersedes Snowden's hypothetical miscalculating B/S of "After one year..." Actual the comment seems right of out some Russian INTEL FSB playbook. Yet, he "rolls that" out at us!

Snowden also stated he is not working with Russian Intel. He responded to Williams with he has never met Vladimir Putin. Well, the sad lament of the nonintellectual that he believes this response to a dumb question from Brain Williams means anything more than commercial airtime. Williams, has to know Putin would never be brash enough nor careless enough to sit with the former NSA technician turned spy/traitor.  The answer was simply as ignorant as the question. Thus my earlier wish from an interview with Maddow or O'Donnell.  Here is the full segment if you wish: Linked.  (Personally, I have no interest in posting the full segment as it has far too much conservative comment from Chuck Todd). 

The following full segment includes Mitchell and two guests who obviously disagree with Snowden's claims of prior to defection attempts to report his issues through channels. 

I will admit to no surprise as Mitchell worked to link with the very conservative Chuck Todd. She used Todd as she developed her interview with guest who did not appear to agree with her Snowden paradigm. My level of validation and glee with comment from Mitchell's guest is impossible to contain.

Snowden should accept the downside of his choices.

He chose... drop out of high school, 
  ...a stint with military life at which he failed, secure computer technician training, become a follower and admirer of on Ron Paul,      contract with INTEL agencies post CIA  contract termination manipulate passwords from co-workers in Honolulu
 abscond with data that not only addresses issues of privacy.

The Top Secret information he stole also offers INTEL know-how and that includes opportunity to reverse engineer to develop counter measures. 

Snowden's longing for the US should be factored in many ways. He has factually compromised US INTEL; fact. He longs to join his buddy Greenwald in book sells that will surely garner million, thus rewarding his placing our nation at great risk. His ego far exceeds his intellect and he seems to relish his notoriety. I seriously wonder if his psychology is such he is not seeking life long aspirations to increase probable low self-esteem. Snowden certainly appears to anticipate libertarian celebrity unparalleled in the party to date.  

Can you imagine a Libertarian hero with a future platform to leverage his espionage notoriety into social impetus for libertarian policy?

My questions and concern will mean little to the 60 plus percent of poll respondents who feel Snowden is a hero. 

Why does that prospect disappoint? 

There is no good answer since I recall millions electing George W. Bush and Dick Cheney to two terms in the White House. 

As I think of the prospect of Snowden as hero, I also think of Custer. On that June 25th 1876, Custer must have awakened with the thought, "Well, guess I will head over that big encampment and fuck with Sitting Bull."

I also believe there are many who will not accept the deeper seriousness of Snowden's espionage.  Are we being dangerously careless during times of technology that cast the US Constitution open for re-interpretation? Are we blindly failing to pay attention to monitoring cameras on most US highways and in most cities? Are we not at all concerned about acclimating and assimilating to snooping associated with data banks that sell our personal data. We seem more upset with NSA Meta-data monitoring than we are upset Target Stores, Ebay and most US retail stores refusal to convert to digital credit card transactions (due to cost) vs the brown strip antiquated tool we have in our wallets and handbags.

3-Inch Ordnance Rifle similar
to those used by several
Ohio batteries during the war
US Army Gatlin Gun
Our priorities seems to be as bull-headed in the wrong direction as ...well I have to take you back to George Armstrong Custer. Custer completely ignored his commander's strong recommendation to deploy with horse drawn Gatlin guns and light cavalry artillery. Custer felt the armaments would slow his cavalry brigade. The 60 plus percent who feel Snowden is a hero should carefully contemplate the finality of making bad decisions.

What happens when the next anti-US government Libertarian does similar. Ron Paul openly exhorted others to follow Snowden's lead? Pau spoke the words posted below.

US News June 2013
"We should be thankful for individuals like Edward Snowden and [investigative reporter] Glenn Greenwald, who see injustice being carried out by their own government and speak out, despite the risk," Paul said in remarks posted on, the website of an advocacy group that Paul leads.

"...despite the risk."  Despite the risk and the prospect of societal finality!

From the Libertarian who espoused legalizing heroin!

Before we end here, I ask that you scroll up and re-read the caption under Snowden and his mentor's image. After reading, ask yourself why would Snowden find comfort in Russia?

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