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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Napolitano And The Obama Jail Break!

Napolitano is a Lincoln "contrarian" and a carnival barker! Are you buying a ticket?
So, you thought Andrew Breitbart and James O'Keefe were anomalies and not indicative of how Right-Wing media and Right-wing operatives go about their business. If you thought such, your naivety is a bit dangerous. Of course, if you are a visitor to the TPI who will later today sit and soak-up Fox News evening programming like a post-meal sopping of your plate, you should be reminded of a key point.  

Much of what you are sopping-up each day, is not good brain sustenance; it is strategic Right-wing propaganda. No propaganda is good; Fox News takes propaganda to the level of insulting and guttural.

We have posted a Raw Story piece with a major Fox News propagandist: Napolitano. If you do not recall, this is the same propagandist who published a book and visited many network broadcasts (including The Daily Show's Jon Stewart) as he declared himself an Abe Lincoln "contrarian."  

For a bit of background on the Fox new propagandist, The History News Network published a great piece this past March.

Andrew Napolitano’s appearance on the Fox Business News program The Independents has sparked much interesting discussion about Abraham Lincoln’s legacy. This discussion has focused largely on the claims he made about slavery and the start of the Civil War early in the interview:
Instead of allowing it to die, or helping it to die, or even purchasing the slaves and then freeing them, which would have cost a lot less money than the Civil War cost, Lincoln set about on the most murderous war in American history in which over 750,000 soldiers and civilians--all Americans--died. Now that’s more people killed as a result of American military action in one war than in all wars combined.  That of course spawned Jim Crow, that of course spawned the Klu Klux Klan, that of course spawned the need for a Martin Luther King, which was a good end result from this, but the so-called freedom that Lincoln thought that he was bringing would not come about for another 125 years because of its birth in violence, rather….its birth in government violence, rather than its birth in the natural progress of human freedom.
Napolitano characterized himself as a “contrarian” at the start of the Fox segment, and these two claims--that Lincoln was responsible for starting the Civil War and that slavery was on its death bed by 1860...
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Jon Stewart and Napolitano
"Slavery was dying a natural death all over the world.  Maybe purchasing slaves and then freeing them.....which would cost a lot less than the Civil war cost..."
If you take the even minutes to watch the following segment, notice how the phony Napolitano works to disarm Stewart with a "MUAH" Kiss on the cheek? I will wager Napolitano freaked out as the openly gay Micheal Sams embraced and kissed his partner as he was informed of his draft status last week. Yet, he smacks the show host with a big one and exhorts more applause from Stewart's congenial obligatory crowd. The Fox News employee literally reminds of a carnival barker.

The Raw Story

Fox News: Obama plotted the ‘biggest jailbreak in history’ so immigrant criminals can vote Dem (via Raw Story )
Fox News on Thursday used a deceptively edited clip of President Barack Obama to claim that he had been the “ringleader” of the “biggest jailbreak in history” by condoning the release of criminal immigrants so that they could vote for Democrats…

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